Together with Xero Energy Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd, NOVENCO Building & Industry is attending ACREX INDIA 2018 in Bengaluru, India this week. With more than 600 exhibitors from more than 30 countries and over 50.000 visitors, the ACREX is South Asia’s largest exhibition for ventilation and intelligent buildings. The visitors are showing great interest in the EC+ and retrofitting solutions presented by NOVENCO in cooperation with Danfoss. The solutions build on the acclaimed ZerAx fans, recognised for having the highest efficiencies in the industry.

More about EC+ Concept NOVENCO EC+ Brochure


New partnership to optimise AHU systems

Danfoss and NOVENCO have joined forces to offer the market’s most efficient system solutions comprising fans, motors and frequency drives (VFDs) for AHUs and other ventilation applications.
The environmentally responsible Danfoss EC+ concept in combination with NOVENCO ZerAx® fans is the latest response to growing demands for energy saving. Precisely conceived to increase the efficiency of HVAC systems, the EC+ concept facilitates design of topmost efficient AHUs and offers to boost energy efficiency of existing systems radically. The concept prescribes components for optimum system design - the ZerAx® series of high efficiency fans, high efficiency IE4 or IE5 PM motors and the intelligent and high efficiency Danfoss VFDs. The combined system delivers efficiencies in the range of 80 - 85%, which is 15 - 25 percentage points better than the closest alternative solutions such as direct-driven centrifugal plug fans with EC motors.

Read the whole case story here and check the NOVENCO EC+ Brochure

When the blue planet is calling

The United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, agreeably adopted by the world leaders in September 2015, calls all countries to improve the planet and lives of people through a number of Global Goals.
With its consideration to the environment in the design and manufacturing of ventilation equipment, NOVENCO Building & Industry is highly involved in the achievement of goal no. 13 Climate Action. The 13th goal is directly dedicated to the well-being of our blue planet. At NOVENCO this is reflected in our daily efforts and actions for innovative and responsible production in harmony with the climate. The resource-friendly products reflect this dedication with long life spans and environmentally safe production processes.

Read the whole story here

117 out of 139 NOVENCO tunnel jet fans are now officially installed in the Gaasperdammertunnel

The last of the 117 NOVENCO tunnel jet fans was officially installed in the end of November last year, thus completing 4 of the 5 stages of construction of the Gaasperdammertunnel. The project is part of the road expansion between Schiphol, Amsterdam and Almere.
During a planning phase of the A9 Gaasperdammerweg, the ambition was to install the last fan within this stage, even before all concrete had hardened. This succeeded, and NOVENCO played their part in this success. The work is not finished yet. The other 22 NOVENCO fans for the last, 5th stage of the Gaasperdammertunnel are going to be installed right after the ceiling constructions of the reversible lane are in place.
The Gaasperdammertunnel is 3 kilometres long and not only the longest land tunnel in the Netherlands, but with its 5 tubes also one of the widest tunnels in the Netherlands.
It is planned to be open for traffic in 2020. In 2021 a large park will be built on the tunnel roof. NOVENCO has already started the countdown for the first traffic to pass through the tunnel.

Ingenious BMW Welt equipped with NOVENCO renowned jet fans

NOVENCO Building & Industry was awarded the contract for the system design, delivery of axial and jet fans, commissioning and system approval for the BMW Museum visitor car park. The car park underneath the museum is equipped with high quality NOVENCO axial flow fans and jet fans, tested and approved to meet requirements for both CO ventilation and smoke exhaust in case of a fire.
Read more about this project here

Highest fire safety

One of the largest energy producers in the world Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) commis­sioned the Bachelors Accommodation at their newly expanded Ruwais refinery to provide the best conditions for their employees. NOVENCO Building & Industry was awarded the contract for design and de­livery of a complete staircase pressur­ization system for all 14 escape stair­cases of the residential buildings in the Bachelors Accommodation.

Read more about this interesting project here

Comfortable ventilation in the middle of desert

NOVENCO Building & Industry was awarded the contract for design and delivery of kitchen ventilation systems for The Ruwais Housing Complex developed by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, one of the largest energy producers in the world.
Read more about this unusual project here

airCalc++ Software now greener with ZerAx® fans

In an effort to continually offer new and beneficial services, NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S has decided to implement its innovative, highly efficient and patented ZerAx® axial flow fan in the airCalc++, well known as the next generation module-based AHU selection software in the world.

The airCalc++ software, developed by ISC GmbH, is a strong tool for calculation of AHU configurations and is with the inclusion of the ZerAx® axial flow fans now capable of designing the most efficient solutions. The ZerAx® fans are energy-savers of the future and therefore a perfect match for the airCalc++ software.

For more information please visit airCalc++

ZerAx® fans ensure safety and health in new mall in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The new and prestigious Al Rashid Mall in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has a total mall area of 89.000 m2 and houses both shops and offices and an underground parking area.

With thousands of people visiting every day, it is imperative that noise levels are kept to a minimum and that contaminated air discharged from the cars will not affect the public and customers.

The installation includes 69 ZerAx® AUZ-340 Jet Fans distributed within the car park to guide fresh air to all areas and to transport contaminated air/smoke to the extract points. And 15 ACN1120/403-6 High temperature extract fans located in 5 fan rooms. Each fan room has the capacity to extract 78 M³/S of air. Prior to the installation NOVENCO has carefully analysed the airflow by using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to optimize and show the effectiveness of the proposed solution.

The ventilation solution limits CO levels in the car park and provides smoke clearance in the event of a fire in the car park area. The analysis is used to verify escape routes and free passages for fire and rescue personal in case of a fire emergency in the car park area.

The Jet fans systems have many benefits over traditional ductwork ventilation systems. These include simplified and quicker installation, energy savings, cleaner environment and more effective ventilation throughout the parking area.

See more specifications on the delivery here

Five storeys of safe underground parking

Copenhagen’s newest icon. An architec­tural pearl. With its five fused towers of different heights, unrepeatable round shapes and thoughtful details, Axel Towers is un­questionably an architectural highlight in the city of Copenhagen.

NOVENCO Building & Industry was awarded the contract for design and delivery of a complete smoke clearance system with jet fans for the underground car park. The five storeys of the Axel Towers car park are now highly protect­ed by the advanced technology operat­ing system delivered by NOVENCO.

Read more about the project here

Small, safe and economic

NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S releases the most compact axial jet fans for large car parks and service yards. The AZT jet fans are designed with a small form factor in mind and for optimum capacity, long lifetimes and reliable operation as answer to essential market requirements. The 100 N strong unidirectional AZT jet fans are based on the acclaimed ZerAx® axial flow fans, which provide fan energy efficiencies up to 92%, extremely low sound levels and expected product lifetimes of more than 20 years. The AZT jet fans ensure high performance at the lowest possible power consumption, and meet market requirements for simpler, safer and more economic fans. The jet fans are without silencers, due to the high efficiency and low sound profile of the ZerAx®, which make them very compact and lead them to low cost of transport.

Read the Press Release here

More about the new AZT here


Commissioning King Willem Alexander Tunnel

First double layer tunnel of the Netherlands will open in the night of 15 to 16 December 2016.

Today it was announced that all four tunnel tubes of the King Willem Alexander tunnel will be put into operation on the night of 15 on 16 December 2016.

For Rijkswaterstaat (the Dutch Road Authorities) the tunnel is an important link in the national and European road network. Daily safety in the tunnel is not only determined by the functioning of all technical installations. The tunnel is also monitored and controlled 24/7 from the traffic control center in Helmond.

At present, there is still some work on new junctions, rest points of testing and exercises for traffic controllers and emergency services. Also the weather conditions must remain favorable to finish all work on-time. But with the current state of knowledge it is justified to head to a commissioning of the four tunnel tubes for the A2 Maastricht in the night of 15 on 16 December.

All ongoing traffic will disappear from the city to the lower tunnel tubes of the underground tunnel. The upper tunnel tubes will also be taken into operation, although some lanes cannot be used yet because the road infrastructure around the tunnel is not 100% finished. These lanes will follow gradually during the first half of 2017. Until then, local traffic will still be using the temporary N2 and detours.

After the first half of 2017, the vast majority will be connected on the total new traffic 6 km system. The tunnel itself is about 2 km long. Next to the tunnel also a total of 21 flyovers, viaducts, tunnels and bicycle viaducts are built to complete the whole new infrastructure.


ZerAx® guarantees energy saving at -30°C

The Danish company CS Gruppen A/S handles daily logistics in the Danish food industry. Their freezer plants are located all over the country and from their most southern location in Padborg they ship 250-300 tons of food a day. That amounts to a total of 200,000 pallets per year. Part of the business is freezing fresh meat at minus 30°C and storing it at minus 18°C until it is shipped out into the world in freezer trucks and containers.

The company freezes up to 1,800 tons a day so naturally a large amount of energy is required to keep the plant going and to meet the customers’ demands. CS Gruppen A/S is even expanding their capacity in Padborg to expedite even greater quantities and accommodate the technological and environmental requirements of a modern freezer facility.

When reviewing the plant for energy optimisation the existing fans were included in the review. The 25-30 year old fans represented a large part of the energy consumption in the freezing tower.

The freezing of fresh meat occurs under extreme cold conditions with high requirements for quality and reliability of equipment. After a thorough dialogue with three different suppliers, each offering very different solutions, the decision was made to install the ZerAx® axial flow fans at the plant. This solution had the highest acquisition value, but calculations showed that the ROI would only be 23 months. This is due to the ZerAx® fan efficiency of up to 90%. The ROI calculations are based on the plant running at full capacity (5,000 hours per year). A reduction of the operation time will prolong the ROI.

See more specifications on this delivery here

Reliable operation at Danish TV Station

NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S was contacted by the Danish TV Station when a fan in one of their technical rooms broke down. The fan supplies fresh air to the news office where people are working all hours of the day to provide news to the public. Due to the fact that the editorial department broadcasts 24/7, it was of the utmost importance that the new fan was fitted into an existing installation to minimize installation time and noise. The fan was installed during the night and caused a minimum of disturbance to the working news team. Read the whole story on this interesting project here

Smoke control system to a state-of-the-art hospital

A state-of-the-art hospital, The Delta Hospital of the innovative hospital group CHIREC (Centre Hôpital Interrégional Edith Cavell) is under construction in Auderghem, Brussels in Belgium.
NOVENCO Building & Industry was awarded two contracts, one for the smoke control system of the shopping gallery on the ground floor of the hospital and another for the ventilation and smoke control system of the underground parking.

Completion is scheduled for the end of 2017, but read already now about this ultra-modern project here




Car parks for future home of the Royal Bank of Canada

Located in a prime position within the heart of St Helier’s financial district in Jersey, Esplanade 66, 37 and 27, over a length of 250 m from each other, provide high grade office accommodation at Esplanade Gateway.

For each of those grand and luxurious office buildings, NOVENCO Building & Industry supplied and installed a smoke clearance system with jet fans for the car park area.

Read more about those deliveries here

World-class science centre simulates gale-force winds with ZerAx® fans

NOVENCO Building & Industry was awarded the con­tract for design and delivery of a unique fan array with its renowned ZerAx® fans for one of the exhibitions of the Experi­mentarium, the new Danish science centre in absolute world class.

Read more about this very interesting and unusual project here

Breathtaking riverside living

Prime position, riverside living creat­ed around a vibrant public of London city, this is what Greenwich Wharf is. With its range of luxurious apartments and large penthouses at the top of each block providing magnificent views across and along the river Thames, Greenwich Wharf is one of the most de­sirable addresses in London. NOVENCO Building & Industry designed a smoke clearance system with Jet Fans for the Greenwich Wharf underground car park and was engaged to do the detail design and in­stallation of the extended corridor AOV system.

Read more about this project by following the link 

Energy optimisation at Hvidovre Hospital

Hvidovre Hospital is one of Denmark's largest hospitals with over 40.000 patients each year. The hospital has 35 departments including Denmark's largest maternity ward with about 7.000 births a year.
The energy consumption at the Hvidovre Hospital’s kitchen has been reduced significantly by replacing an old fan with more energy efficient ZerAx® fan, at the same time air volume has been increased by 25%.


Innovative AHU concepts with ZerAx® fans

In cooperation with AHU producer Trubel Luft- und Klimatechnik GmbH, NOVENCO Building & Industry has conducted a performance comparison test in the TÜV Süd Test Laboratory. The test was a demand from one of Germany’s largest manufacturers of vehicles. Read absolutely about very convincing test results in the case story here

In addition you can find a very interesting article ‘NEW CONCEPT FOR AHUs – UPGRADE TO MEET HIGH ENERGY-EFFICIENCY REQUIREMENTS’, published in TAB, Klima/Lüftung earlier this year under the link below

Safe Car Parks in the heart of Jersey

The International Finance Centre, designed by an award-winning team of architects and landscape designers, provides environmentally sustainable Grade “A” office spaces for new and expanding businesses in Jersey. NOVENCO Building & Industry designed and installed a car park ventilation sys­tem with Jet Fans for the underground parking.

Read more about this interesting project here

Great visitor interest at the stand of the SCHAKO Group

The whole SCHAKO Group as a specialist team for a wide range of solutions in the field of air handling made a big impression.

A small example ... in the official press release of the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre with regard to the ISH 2017, a picture of the SCHAKO exhibition stand is shown; the four and a half-meter high ZerAx® fan array, which NOVENCO Building & Industry has developed especially for free cooling of major data centers worldwide.

But not only the large fan array impressed the many hundred ISH visitors at the SCHAKO Group stand. For the first time, all the subsidiaries presented themselves together with their entire competence in the areas of air conditioning and ventilation for commercial and public buildings, large kitchens, laboratories, process industries, staircases, underground car parks and tunnels.

With the ISH 2017, the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre has again achieved new successes: even more visitors (+ 5%), even more exhibitors (+ 5%), even more international guests (+ 3%) and even more exhibition space with 260,000 square meters; with that the ISH is the most important international branch meeting across Europe.

Beat Vögeli, CEO of the SCHAKO Group, was also very satisfied with the exhibition: "The various areas of the SCHAKO Group with NOVENCO Building & Industry, REVEN, SCHAKO KG, SCHNEIDER Elektronik and SIROCCO are cooperating more and more, and I'm delighted that this synergy strengthens our system competence every day."


Koning Willem-Alexandertunnel Maastricht

The 2.3km long Koning Willem-Alexandertunnel is the first double-layer tunnel in Europe, which is suitable for both passenger cars and trucks. The tunnel will be opened to the public on December 15, 2016 and will become a gateway between the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

The tunnel is part of a comprehensive and sustainable plan for the city and the motorway. The “Green Carpet” addresses multiple objectives to improve the flow of traffic on the A2 motorway and the accessibility of the city of Maastricht. In addition, the plan promotes the quality of life and road safety, resolving bottlenecks within the city, and creating opportunities for urban development.

On the tunnel project, NOVENCO Building & Industry (NBI) was awarded the contract for both the tunnel ventilation system as well as the pressurization systems for the escape tunnels, including associated engineering, supply, installation, commissioning, factory acceptance testing (FAT), site acceptance testing (SAT) and the handover.

For the four tunnels NBI has supplied a total of 62 tunnel jet fans for the ventilation system and smoke control system in case of a fire in the tunnel. All fans are made of high grade (AISI 3.16) stainless steel. Furthermore, all jet fans are certified as smoke exhaust fans in the class F300 in accordance with European standard EN 12101 (tested at 300°C for at least 2 hours).

At the tunnel entrances a total of 23 tunnel jet fans type AUR-1120 are installed. These jet fans have an impeller diameter of 1,12m and are driven by 30kW electric motors. To ensure that the sound inside the tunnel is acceptable, the fans are fitted with 2xD long silencers on both ends (≅ 2.3m per silencer).

Furthermore, the silencer on the suction side of the fans are coated in a color that matches building structure. All entrance tunnel jet fans are equipped with a special inlet cone, which is designed in association with with Rijkswaterstaat (the Dutch road and water authorities) to counteract negative influences of side and fall winds.

Inside the tunnel tubes a total of 39 fully reversible jet fans type ARR 800 are installed. These jet fans have an impeller diameter of 0.8m and are driven by 18.5kW electric motors. On both sides of these jet fans 3xD long silencers are installed (≅ 2.4m per silencer).

NBI also delivered and installed the transition cabinets (power and control of the tunnel fans) in the technical part of the center, including the cabling from these cabinets to the tunnel jet fans.

There are two escape corridors in the center tunnel in case of a fire in one of the tunnel tubes. For these escape corridors, NBI installed pressurization systems. With a pressurization system, the escape corridors are are protected against the ingress of smoke and toxic gases in the event of a fire or other emergency in one of the tunnel tubes.

For these pressurization system, a total of four large axial fans type ACN-1120 are installed, including all necessary accessories such as silencers, ductwork, dampers, outside air intake grilles, control panels, smoke detectors, temperature transmitters and internal wiring from the control panels to the supplied components.

More information on the A2 Maastricht:

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5 levels of fresh air under the ground

The renewed and expanded mall Nieuw Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht (The Neth­erlands) comprises large, modern and transparent retail and shopping gallery spac­es with one of largest under­ground car parks in The Netherlands with approximately 1,300 car park spaces. NOVENCO Building & Industry was awarded the contract for the re-design, component delivery, mounting and as­sisted on the commissioning of the car park ventilation system for this unique 5 level underground car park.

Read more about this interesting project here

Turn-key carpark ventilation for the Rive Gauche Commercial Centre

Recently NOVENCO Building & Industry B.V. (NBI-BV) secured the order for a turn-key Car Park Ventilation project in Belgium. NBI-BV will deliver and install the system in the new Rive Gauche commercial centre in the city centre of Charleroi Belgium. The centre will have an area of 110.933 m2 and a carpark with 900 parking places.

The ventilation system will use certified components for control of smoke in the event of fires. This will aid the fire brigade and enable effective localisation and extinguishing of fires.

More info about the Rive Gauche project site is available at

Water powered by ZerAx®

The second largest hydro-electric power facility in Norway, the Sima Power Station, replaced their old fans with nine high efficiency ZerAx® fans from NOVENCO as a part of a compre­hensive energy-retrofit project. The replacement resulted in at least 30% reduction in energy consumption. Read more about the project here

TÜV certifies high performance ZerAx® axial flow fans

The German technical service corporation TÜV has December 2015 certified the Novenco AirBox software for calculation of ZerAx fans from NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S. The newly received certificate covers the ZerAx fan types AZL, AZN and AZW in sizes 355 - 710 with motors from WEG.

The fans sent for test and the AirBox calculation software were tested and found to match each other with an accuracy of B1 according to the TÜV classification system. See page 2 in the certificate.

The ZerAx fans are since the introduction in 2009 unsurpassed and world leading with efficiencies of up to 92%. The technologies and designs are patented all over the world.

TÜV certificate

Zerax® fan sets ventilation standard at TÜV Süd test laboratory

TÜV Süd is one of the world’s leading companies for product approval testing and certification. The stable performance of our premium ZerAx® fan range convinced TÜV Süd to use this fan range in their new test facilities in Olching, Germany.

Read the whole story on this project here

Safe underwater parking with jet fans

A new underwater car park has been established in the center of Copenhagen right next to the Queens palace and close to the popular Nyhavn where millions of tourists visit every year.

The car park holds accommodates 500 cars and is built in 3 levels. All levels are placed below street and water level making it one of the most unique underground car parks in Copenhagen.

NOVENCO Building & Industry has delivered and installed a high tech ventilation solution that will keep the air in car park clean, despite the many cars passing through every day. The system includes 2 ACN 1400 extraction fans (F300) and 24 AUO 380 unidirectional jet fans (F300). 36 sensors are placed strategically between the North and South part of the car park. The sensors detect any change in the level of CO/NOx and CH and the highly developed control system will adjust the ventilation immediately if levels reach critical point. This is to keep the air clean and safe from exhaust particles from the cars.

Smoke clearence
The 24 Jet Fans and the high technology operating system installed in the car park also provides extra safety after a fire. After a fire the fans can be used to clean the air free of smoke and lead the smoke out of the building.

The NOVENCO AUO Jet Fan has been specially designed for car parks. With its slim and oval design it fits perfectly under the ceilings in typical car parks where space and efficiency plays an important role when designing and construction the buildings.

Read more about the project here:

See the case story on this interesting case here

The highest safety at the former Southampton Hotel

The redeveloped former Southamp­ton Hotel in St. Helier in Jersey, now named Weighbridge House, is a completely renovated building with modern commercial offices.
NOVENCO Building & Industry designed and provided its unique stairwell pressurisation system, nowadays an unusual system for the United King­dom.

Read more about this interesting project here


The most safe ventilation system for the Westgate Centre, Oxford, Great Britain

The more than 40 years old Westgate Centre, situated in the old English town Oxford, renowned from its prestigious university established in the 12th century, is now closed and under reconstruction, and scheduled to reopen in Autumn 2017 as the ultimate retail and lifestyle destination for the residents of this historical city.
The new Westgate Oxford Development will bring a new shopping and leisure destination to Oxford. It will include more than 100 stores, 25 restaurants and cafes, a boutique cinema and a roof top terrace dining and a wealth of new public spaces. The redevelopment works are progressing well and on schedule to reopen the Centre in October 2017.
For this large reconstruction NOVENCO Building & Industry has been contracted to design, supply, install and commission the smoke ventilation systems for the whole development. This includes mechanical smoke clearance systems for the large two level basement car park, loading bay and service yard. All natural and mechanical AOV stair systems are also part of NOVENCO Building & Industry’s scope of work on this very interesting project.  

Read more about this project by following the link

Westgate Oxford Shopping Centre secured with NOVENCO's reliable ventilation systems

For the large reconstruction of the Westgate Oxford Shopping Centre, NOVENCO Building & Industry was contracted to design, supply, install and commission the smoke ventilation systems for the whole development. More about this large project here

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