Explosive environments

This area focuses on ventilation for industries with high safety requirements due to the risk of explosions and fires. Typically, this includes refineries within the oil and gas industries, flour mills and other industries with high concentrations of gases and dust. Dust explosions in the grain and milling industries are just as dangerous as gas explosions and can cause catastrophic injuries, los of life and destruction of facilities and assets.

In these industries, it is of critical importance, in order to meet safety as well as cost-effective requirements, that the HVAC systems are optimal and dependable. Under these difficult working conditions, the reliable technology in NOVENCO products and systems is very suitable and meets the highest requirements in even very harsh environments. The high quality and durability of NOVENCO products ensure and optimise the performance of any HVAC system.

The high performance NOVENCO ZerAx® axial fans are unmatched in terms of fan efficiencies, which are up to 92%. Theses extreme efficiencies push ventilation designs to new levels, and thus lower the overall power consumption as well as the sound levels for better comfort. The fan lifetimes are 20+ years, which contribute to sustainability and guarantee low maintenance costs. The ZerAx® fans are the most energy-efficient on the market today.

All NOVENCO products for explosive environments are well-proven with approved motors, all-welded robust fan housings and brass-linings, which is a requirement in industries with the risk of explosions and fires. The field of application is for removal of air in connection with transport of polluted air, hazardous gases and dust. The products are in accordance to the EU’s ATEX directive 2014/34/EU and the international guidelines IACS F29/2005 for non-sparking fans in marine environments.

Explosion proof fanexplosion proof ventilation system


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