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NOVENCO Smoke Control Systems - more than 70 years of experience

As a fan manufacturer since 1947, NOVENCO has mastered the science behind smoke control products and systems. From fully certified smoke extract fans to complete powered smoke control systems for enclosed car parks and tunnels.
In case of an accidental fire, these smoke control systems maintain a smoke-free area for means of escape and better access for fire fighters. These systems extract and control toxic smoke and hot fumes from enclosed areas. With unrivalled knowledge and experience in this field, NOVENCO offers the best possible solution for any building or underground structure.

All smoke ventilation products manufactured by NOVENCO are tested and approved according to international standards, such as the European standard for smoke and heat control systems EN 12101 Part 3: Specification for powered smoke and heat control ventilators (Fans).

smoke control fans

Our complete NovAx range of smoke control products have been tested and certified according to this European Standard up to the class F400 (400°C during at least 2 hours). This range includes all axial smoke fans, both uni-directional (ACN/ACP/ACG) as well as 100% reversible axial flow fans (ARN).

Our ZerAx® axial smoke fan range is a fully tested and certified packaged smoke vent fan and VSD solution, which fully complies with EN 12101-3 2015. With this combination, smoke ventilation is possible without bypassing the frequency inverter. The ZerAx® fan range and frequency converters have been tested and certified as a package at high temperatures, resulting in very reliable solutions. In combination with the highest efficiency grade in the market, NOVENCO can offer certified variable speed smoke fans up to 2m in diameter.

This certified solution can also be used for dual mode systems. Next to daily ventilation, the fans can also be used for smoke control in case of a fire, without special adjustments to the control system, such as derating of motors and applying special filters between the VSD and fan motor unit.

Since the early 1970s, NOVENCO has supplied smoke fans for ventilation of road and rail tunnels. As a system supplier, NOVENCO also offers tunnel ventilation design from deterministic to highly advanced probabilistic calculation models and CFD smoke control simulations. The system package is completed from design to delivery, installation, commissioning, site acceptance testing, hand-over up to service and maintenance. All tunnel axial fans and jet fans are tested and certified under EN 12101-3 up in the classes F200, F300 and F400.
In 1995, NOVENCO pioneered with smoke control systems for enclosed car parks. With the development of special jet fans for car parks, the ductless ventilation system was invented. Smoke control is a key feature of this car park ventilation system, where different scenarios can be engineered, from smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (SHEVS) to smoke control systems to assist fire fighting and keeping a part of the parking garage free from smoke. All car park axial fans and jet fans are fully tested and certified under EN 12101-3 in the classes F200, F300 and F400.

Within the NOVENCO life safety systems, smoke control systems play an important role. Where some systems are focussed on extracting smoke from a building, the main focus of pressure differential systems is to keep escape routes free from smoke. In this segment, the innovative Clear Choice solutions from NOVENCO offer reliable engineered solutions for any type of building. By using tested and certified smoke fan with VSD solutions, which are fully compliant with EN 12101 part 3, installers and designers can have the most optimal solution for any pressure differential system.


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