Smoke extractor fans

Smoke fans are axial flow fans optimised for operation in high temperature conditions. Typical use is as exhaust fans installed in ducts, where they double-function as part of normal operation and as smoke exhaust fans. The fans are compact, robust and certified for operation at 200 °C, 300 °C or 400 °C according to EN 12101 part 3. The fans are available with impeller sizes from Ø250 to Ø1600 mm, airflow rates from 0.2 to 55 m3/s and pressure increases up to 1800 Pa.


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Smoke Fans NovAx ARN
Smoke Fans NovAx ARN

The NovAx ARN smoke exhaust fans are fully reversible and for conventional operation and operation during fires in carparks, commercial and industrial buildings, tunnels and more.

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