Certificates and Memberships

Certificates and Memberships

At NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S we have high standards for the products we design and manufacture. It is of great importance that the products meet our quality standards and have high levels of endurance as many of our solutions play vital roles in the everyday lives of people. All solutions including software and hardware must be dependable for both security and operational reasons.



NOVENCO® ZerAx® axial fan range has been certified in compliance with the AMCA Certified Ratings Program.

The certification covers the entire range of ZerAx fan types and sizes ø250 – ø2000 at standard temperatures and for ATEX/Ex zones as well as for high-temperature classifications for smoke exhaust.
Read more about AMCA.

ATEX and EX requirements
The NOVENCO NovAx axial flow fans type ACN and ACW, the ZerAx® axial flow fans type AZN and AZW and centrifugal fans type CAL, CND and CNF are available as category 2G/D equipment according to the ATEX directive 2014/34/EU. The NOVENCO fans ZerAx AZW is also available in executions which conform with the EX guidelines for non-sparking fans according to IACS F29/2005. Read more about EU ATEX directive. Read more about the IACS.


ECO Design requirements
Fans from NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S covered by the EU’s directives and regulations for ECO design comply with these, among them directive no. 2009/125 for ECO Design requirements for energy-related products and regulation no. 327/2011 for ECO Design requirements for fans driven by motors with electric input power between 125 W and 500 kW. Refer to the full EU law text on http://eur-lex.europa.eu.

The information set out in Annex I, section 3 of the regulation 327/2011 to be available in the technical documentation of the fans and on the manufacturer’s website, is found in the following places.

  • On the nameplates,
    mounted on the fan casings and display the efficiency, measurement category, efficiency category, efficiency grade, the use of a VSD (Variable Speed Drive), and year of manufacture.
  • In the technical specifications,
    included with order confirmations and available through calculations with the AirBox™ software.
  • In the product catalogues,
    freely available here on the website. Look in Products > [product type] > [specific product] > Download.


GreenPro - Green Product Certification
The NOVENCO ZerAx fans meet the requirements of GreenProEcolabel and are certified as Green Product by the CII – Green Products and Services Council.
Read more about GreenPro

ISO 9001 and 14001 Certification
All products and solutions by NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S are produced in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. Read more about ISO certification.

NOVENCO Building & Industry ISO 9001 certificate
NOVENCO Building & Industry ISO 14001 certificate

ISO 3834-2:2006 Certification

NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S fulfils the quality requirements of DS/EN ISO 3834-2:2006 for fusion welding of metallic materials - Part 2: comprehensive quality requirements.

NOVENCO Building & Industry ISO 3834-2 certificate


KIWA/NCP certification
NOVENCO Building & Industry B.V. is certified as an accredited Smoke Control Company by the KIWA/NCP. Furthermore NOVENCO is also a certified maintenance company for Smoke Control Systems. Reed more about  KIWA.


MPA high temperature certification
The following NOVENCO fans have been certified as powered smoke exhaust fans in accordance with the EN 12101-3 for smoke and heat control systems by the German MPA in Braunschweig:

  • ZerAx® axial flow fans type AZN and AZL in combination with Danfoss VLT® variable speed drives (VSD)
  • ZerAx® car park jet fans AUZ and AZT
  • NovAx™ axial flow fans type ACN, ACP, ACG and ARN
  • NovAx™ car park jet fans type AUC, AUO, AUP, AUT, ARC, ARO and ART
  • Centrifugal car park jet fans type CGF

For the certification classes of a certain fan type and size, please refer to the Declaration of Performance, which are available as downloads on the relevant product pages.

The NOVENCO ZerAx fans AZL and AZN ranges are now fully certified and approved by Singapore Green Building Council.
Read more about SGBC

REACH declarations
NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S complies with EU’s regulation no. 1907/2006 and UK's regulation no. 758/2019 regarding chemical substances referred to as the REACH regulations.
NOVENCO Building & Industry EU REACH declaration
NOVENCO Building & Industry UK REACH declaration

US TSCA declaration
NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S complies with the US Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 regarding chemical substances.
NOVENCO Building & Industry US TSCA declaration


TÜV SÜD certification
The NOVENCO Airbox™ software for calculation, configuration and selection of products has been certified by the German TÜV Süd in Munich since 2015 to interpret the fans ZerAx AZL, AZN and AZW. Read more about TÜV SÜD.


UL Listed
The NOVENCO ZerAx axial flow fan type AZN-1600 has been certified by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL). The UL is an independent global safety consulting company with more than 125 years of expertise in safety analysis of new technologies. The UL mark is trusted and accepted worldwide. Read more about UL.



Aluminium Danmark

NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S is a proud member of the Aluminium Danmark. Read more about the Aluminium Danmark


NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S is a proud member of the American AMCA International (Air Movement and Control Association), a not-for-profit association of the world's manufacturers of fans, louvers, dampers, air curtains, airflow measurement devices, ducts, acoustic attenuators and other air system components. Read more about AMCA


Centrum Ondergronds Bouwen (COB)

Centrum Ondergronds Bouwen (COB)
NOVENCO Building & Industry B.V. is affiliated with the COB (Centrum Ondergronds Bouwen / Centre for Underground Construction). The COB is a network organisation aimed at collecting, developing and providing access to knowledge about and related to underground use of space. In order to further develop the underground construction sector, the COB initiates and facilitates projects and platforms within four disciplines, so that the results are always in line with practice. Read more about the COB

Confederation of Danish Industry
NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S is a proud member of the Confederation of Danish Industry (Danish: Dansk Industry), a private business and employers' organisation, that represents companies in Denmark and provides the best possible corporate conditions for the members. Read more about the Confederation of Danish Industry

CQMS Safety Scheme Accreditation
NOVENCO Building & Industry UK Limited has successfully achieved CQMS Safety Scheme Accreditation. This certifies that as a business we comply with the Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSIP) Core Criteria for health and safety. This demonstrates compliance in a range of areas including our health and safety policies, safe working practices, employee training, reporting and monitoring and staff welfare provision.

Dutch Data Center Association
NOVENCO Building & Industry B.V. is a proud member of The Dutch Data Center Association (DDA), the branch organization of data centers in the Netherlands. Read more about the Dutch Data Center Association


Danish Data Center Industry (DDI)
NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S is a proud member of Danish Data Center Industry (DDI) which serves the purpose of attracting more data center investments to Denmark. As the industry association, DDI represents the interests of the private sector, municipalities and utility companies operating within the data center supply chain. Read more about the Danish Data Center Industry

Dansk Forening for Kvalitet (DFK) (Danish Association for Quality)
NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S is a proud member of Danish Association for Quality, a non-profit organisation that stands for networks on quality. Read more about Danish Association for Quality

Danish Wind Industry Association (DWIA)
NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S is a proud member of Danish Wind Industry Association (DWIA), a trade and network organisation for wind turbine manufacturers, energy companies and the wide range of companies that provide components, services and consultancy. Read more about the Danish Wind Industry Association

European Committee for Standardization (CEN)

European Committee for Standardization (CEN)
Within the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) NOVENCO Building & Industry B.V. is an active member of CEN/TC 191/SC 1 WG6 (Smoke and heat control systems - Pressurization systems) and CEN/TC 191/SC 1 WG9 (Smoke and heat control systems - Smoke control systems for car parks). The scope of the sub-committee CEN/TC 191/SC 1 is The design, construction and maintenance of heat and smoke control (by evacuation, pressure differences) systems for installation in buildings or other construction works; and the components used for such systems. Read more about the CEN/TC 191/SC 1

FGK e.V.
NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S Germany is a member of the professional association building climate (Fachverband Gebäude-Klima e.V.), the leading association of the German climate and ventilation industry with about 300 members. Read more about the FGK

Federatie Veilig Nederland (FVN)

Federatie Veilig Nederland (FVN)
NOVENCO Building & Industry B.V. is a member of the Federatie Veilig Nederland (FVN), formerly VEBON/NOVB. The FVN represents the interests of technical (fire) safety in the Netherlands. NOVENCO Building & Industry B.V. is also certified for the requirements set by the FVN for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Read more about the FVN

Green Building Council Denmark
NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S is a proud member of the Green Building Council Denmark, a non-profit organisation that works with sustainability in buildings and the construction industry in Denmark.
Read more about the Green Building Council Denmark

IFC Certification
NOVENCO Building & Industry UK Limited has successfully achieved IFC SDI 19 Certification. This certification includes inspection of fire strategy verification, system design and installation of smoke control systems, the assessment and verification of the quality control system, competency assessment of individuals and continuing surveillance including random site audits.


Normcommissie NEN

Normcommissie NEN (Royal Dutch Standardization Institute Foundation)
NOVENCO Building & Industry B.V. is an active member of the Dutch Standard Committee (NC) 351 007 'Fire safety of building constructions'. This standards committee is responsible for the maintenance and development of standards for determining the fire safety of construction works at building level and, to this end, coordinates with the other standards committees and working groups involved. More info Committee Plan NC 351 007

NOVENCO Building & Industry UK Limited has again successfully achieved the annual SafeContractor Accreditation. This certifies that as a business we comply and can demonstrate that we meet specific standards of health and safety.

NOVENCO Building & Industry UK Limited has successfully achieved SafePQQ Accreditation. SafePQQ is an extension of the SafeContractor health and safety contractor management system. This demonstrates that we are a safe, ethical and sustainable company to work with.


Singapore Green Building Council
NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S is a proud member of the Singapore Green Building Council, an non-profit organisation with a concerted private-public sector partnership to achieve a world-class and sustainable built-environment in Singapore.
Read more about the Singapore Green Building Council


Smoke Control Association
NOVENCO Building & Industry UK Ltd. is a proud member of the Smoke Control Association. Read more about Smoke Control Association

The Danish Ventilation Association
NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S is an active member of the organisation Dansk Ventilation (Danish Ventilation), which is the biggest technical industry organisation for ventilation companies in Denmark, and now a part of VELTEK Ventilation. Read more about VELTEK

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