Project Meander II Amsterdam - Improve reliability and efficiency of a car park ventilation system

The existing ventilation system in the garage relied on single-phase, dual speed transformer controlled radial fans. This outdated system suffered from inefficiency and partial malfunction, leading to higher energy consumption and reliability issues. To create a more reliable and efficient solution, the old fans were replaced with two NOVENCO® ZerAx® axial fans. Each ZerAx fan is powered with an 0.8 kW electric motor, resulting in a combined power output of 1.6 kW for both. This represents a significant reduction compared to the 3.2 kW.


Luxury development protected with certified NOVENCO ClearChoice™ system

NOVENCO® Building & Industry was awarded the contract by H&V Serviceplan for design, delivery, installation and commissioning of the fully certified NOVENCO ClearChoice™ smoke control and environmental ventilation systems for the Osiers Road development located in the Riverside Quarter of Wandsworth London, United Kingdom. The systems employ highly efficient NOVENCO ZerAx smoke fans, that are fully tested and compliant with the EN12101-3 requirements and contribute positively to the BREEAM-certification of buildings.


The most climate neutral solution for 700 metre deep mine shaft with NOVENCO® ZerAx® fan

For the latest renovation project at the Teutschenthal backfill mine in Thüringen, Germany, carried out to improve the ventilation systems in the mine itself, NOVENCO Building & Industry has delivered a highly efficient exhaust fan. The fan, a NOVENCO® ZerAx®, with a diameter of 2 m, is combined with an IE5-class Nidec PM motor type Dyneo+ and a Danfoss VLT frequency converter and is 98% recyclable. This unique configuration with the latest EC+ fan technology has the highest possible system efficiency and goes beyond today’s requirements.
The main contractor Jeremias® Chimney Systems has delivered a specially designed 36 m tall chimney with all-steel construction and ductworks.


Fraport AG at Frankfurt Airport in Germany saves approximately 60% energy and 2.2 kt CO2 annually with highly efficient Danfoss speed-controlled NOVENCO® ZerAx® fans

With the optimisation of an older ventilation system with highly efficient Danfoss speed-controlled NOVENCO® ZerAx® fans, the company Fraport AG at Frankfurt Airport in Germany saves approximately 60% energy and 2.2 kt CO2 annually. The numbers are impressive in light of today’s soaring energy prices and constant green agenda focus. These modern ZerAx fans preserve the total energy of the airflow as they save the dynamic pressure while keeping the static pressure, which results in system efficiencies of up to 85%.

Retrofit of a foundry in the automotive industry with NOVENCO® ZerAx® fans

NOVENCO Building & Industry has retrofitted the production hall ventilation in the foundry of a German car manufacturer together with the contractor T&S Klimatechnik und Montagebau GmbH. The old system from 2012 consisted of seven large axial fans, each with an air volume of 240,000 m³/h. The fans were driven by 160 kW motors on the inlet side by means of separately mounted intermediate shafts. In case of failures, the customer had considerable difficulties with repairs, replacement was simply not possible due to the size. The result was long downtimes. The maintenance effort was enormous due to the system design and the many wear parts.

The Dharampal Satyapal Group executes large retrofit project with NOVENCO® ZerAx® fans

The Dharampal Satyapal Group (DS Group), a leading conglomerate of companies in India, has recently executed the first phase of a large retrofit project of the air handling units at their headquarters in Noida. This first phase comprised the replacement of 40 outdated centrifugal fans with highly efficient NOVENCO® ZerAx® fans. The project is part of the company's sustainable development journey, which aims for platinum certification of its sustainable buildings.

The highly sustainable modular student building protected with certified NOVENCO clear choice system

The Lewisham Exchange, a newly constructed building located in London, United Kingdom, provides 758 student rooms and 67 affordable homes across two towers of 20 and 35 storeys. Both towers are modular build, which means manufactured off-site from volumetric 3D structural modules, to ensure a higher quality finish, a faster construction programme and 90% less waste than traditional construction methods.
A range of commercial and student recreational spaces along the ground floor of both towers is designed to achieve a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating. Furthermore, both towers feature photovoltaic panels on the roofs as a sustainable energy source.

Complete car park ventilation system for an underground car park to the city of dreams

A peaceful and fully integrated community in a modern lifestyle. That is what the Madinaty is. This city of international standards in Egypt is a result of well-designed and detailed master plan of a collaborative effort between three top U.S. design companies:
HHCP, SWA and Sasaki.
The Madinaty is a city built on 8 thousand feddans, designed to provide modern life for 600,000 inhabitants and acts as a modern extension to New Cairo. This city includes a variety of facilities and services including healthcare facilities, national and international education facilities, banks district, shopping mall, sport clubs and all this just minutes away from home.

Sustainability and life safety system at the Grotius Towers

The Grotius residential towers are situated next to the Central Station in The Hague in The Netherlands. With heights of 120 and 100 metres, these two towers will make a visible contribution to The Hague’s skyline. Upon completion in 2022, the two towers will include 655 high-quality flats, cafes, restaurants and an underground, enclosed car park with space for 245 passenger cars.

NOVENCO Building & Industry was selected to design, supply, install and commission the certified pressurization systems and the car park ventilation system. High standards are set for the sustainability in the project, which are much in line with NOVENCO’s corporate sustainability objectives. “This is not only reflected in the products, but also in the production methods and the 98% product recyclability. At Grotius we will use the most energy-efficient fan of its kind in the world,” explains Ruud van Beek, Director at NOVENCO in The Netherlands.

Control system upgrade results in impressive 85.5% energy savings

In 2001, NOVENCO Building & Industry installed one of the first jet fan systems in the United Kingdom for an enclosed underground car park of a shopping mall set on the beautiful waterfront of one of the coastal cities in South East England. At that time, the system was designed without a CO detection system.
The car park with 1,350 parking spaces is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even after 20 years of constant operation, the NOVENCO fans still run perfectly. In the absence of a CO monitoring system, many fans are switched on manually and run 24/7, leading to unnecessary energy consumption. This is far from an optimal solution in today's energy-saving world.
To improve the efficiency of the system as a whole, the recommended solution was to refurbish the car park with new control panels and a fully automatic CO monitoring system to reduce electricity consumption.

Life safety ventilation systems for the longest land tunnel in the Netherlands

The reconstruction and expansion of the A9, one of the busiest Dutch motorways between Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam and Almere will ease congestion and improve the quality of life. The motorway has been widened to five lanes in each direction plus a tidal flow lane. These extra lanes will improve traffic flow and
the accessibility of the Randstad region. The Gaasperdammertunnel is a part of this project. With a total length of 3 kilometres and five tunnel tubes it is the longest and widest land tunnel in the Netherlands. By guiding all traffic through the semisunken tunnel, the impact on the living environment is reduced to zero.
Furthermore, a park with an area of nearly 15 ha was created on top of the tunnel.

New AHU technology in the automotive industry

The climate challenges and the UN goals for 2030 play key roles when manufacturers around the world seek to implement increasingly important sustainable production solutions and methods. Especially the automotive industry faces challenges to reduce major environmental contributions from the production lines and improve sustainability. An important and often critical area is in the need for efficient HVAC solutions, where future requirements grow rapidly and makes the green technology race spiral with implementation of continuously greener solutions.

Among the manufacturers that already now addresses the climate goals at the end of the decade is a world famous German manufacturer of sports cars. Apart from the production of cars with sporty dynamics and of which many have become iconic, this manufacturer has upgraded the air-conditioning systems in the paint-spray lines with the latest and very efficient AHU technology.

NOVENCO® ZerAx® fans installed at the Keppel Bay Tower

Keppel Bay Tower is an exceptional commercial building, matched only by its unparalleled location. The 18-storey Keppel Bay Tower, owned and operated by Keppel Land, has been certified as a Green Mark Platinum (Zero Energy) building by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), which makes it the first commercial building in Singapore to achieve this distinction.

The transformation began in 2018, when the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), a part of the Ministry of National Development of the Singapore Government, awarded Keppel Land with a grant of over $1 million under the Green Buildings Innovation Cluster (GBIC) programme to implement new and emerging energy-efficient technologies at Keppel Bay Tower.

Iconic Maastunnel equipped with innovative NOVENCO jet fans

The Maastunnel is a monumental tunnel in the heart of Rotterdam. Construction started in 1937 and having opened in 1942. It is the oldest tunnel in the Netherlands and passes under the Nieuwe Maas river and is located west of the centre of Rotterdam as a part of the Rotterdam Tunnel Traverse. The closed section of the tunnel is 1,070 metres long and it has two tubes, each with two lanes. There is also a separate tube for cyclists and one for pedestrians.

The recent overhaul and upgrade of the tunnel involved both structural and technical aspects, amongst which a major alteration of the tunnel ventilation. The importance and complexity of the job to preserve the monument was further stressed by new regulations. 

Mercedes-Benz in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands

The latest pride of Mercedes-Benz, a modern office building in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands, follows the new Daimler's office concept MeWe Space. Here creativity and functionality melt together to form a multi-purpose office space.

The renovated building meets the desire to work in a different way, where mobility and flexibility play an important role. The heart of the building is a two floor high atrium, which includes a full glass roof, vertical gardens on the walls, glass tower meeting rooms and plenty of space for creativity.

The new offices cover all entities and house staff from the passenger car, delivery van, truck, financial and services divisions under one roof.

To follow the high standards of the renovated building and to fulfill the regulations for fire ventilation systems in the Netherlands, Mercedes-Benz has chosen to install NOVENCO car park ventilation systems in these underground facilities.

NOVENCO Building & Industry was awarded the contract from HOMIJ Technical Installations, who is responsible for all technical installations, for re-design of the two-layer car park ventilation system, component delivery, installation and for certification according to BRL-K21025. The contract also stipulated an external inspection approval of the firefighting system by Kiwa, an autonomous global organization for testing, inspection and certification.


Car park ventilation systems are among NOVENCO's basic technologies and expertise. This field of solutions was in fact introduced by NOVENCO in the 1990s, when our jet fans revolutionized the market for car park ventilation systems. Today, the jet fans are recognized as invaluable assets for removal of exhaust gases from cars and for aiding firefighting services. The energy use of our car park solutions is at a minimum in all situations and provides comfort ventilation or efficient removal of toxic smoke from fires. The solutions are truly 2-in-1, as they help protect lives and assets as well as the environment.


The system from NOVENCO Building & Industry consists of 18 pcs jet fans type AUO 290, one large axial flow fan type ACN 1000 for air supply and two large extract shafts fitted with two smoke axial flow fans type ACN 1000, which ensure safe and efficient extraction of the polluted air mixture from the car park facility.

The system from NOVENCO Building & Industry is certified in accordance to the Dutch BRL-K21025 for certification of Smoke Control Systems in accordance with the regulations from 2014. The aim of the certification scheme is to establish and set the quality level for smoke control systems in the Netherlands.

The BRL-K21025 sets the approval criteria for smoke control systems and how enforcement and control take place. The smoke control systems include smoke and heat exhaust systems and pressurization systems, especially in stairwells.

All in all the system from NOVENCO Building & Industry ensures the highest level of smoke and toxic gas ventilation.



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Volkswagen Navarra in Pamplona, Spain

The Volkswagen Group is Europe’s largest automobile manufacturer with production sites in seven European countries. With the group-wide future program “Strategy 2025”, Volkswagen wants to get fit for the future with the vision of becoming a world-leading provider of sustainable mobility. Sustainable means also responsible care for the environment.

Sustainable growth is the basis of medium-term future planning and the associated increase in value and image of any company. In that context, the new generation of air handling units with axial fans can contribute greatly in all areas of ventilation and air conditioning.

Since the beginning of 2017, Volkswagen has been intensively investigating the technical possibilities of high-efficiency axial fans and has carried out a whole series of tests, measurements and practical trials. At the beginning of 2018, it was time for the next step: implementation of the obtained results and knowledge in new air conditioning technology. Two production sites in two countries had air handling units with new technology and highly efficient axial fans installed – at Porsche in Stuttgart/Zuffenhausen, Germany and at Volkswagen Navarra in Pamplona, Spain.


  • NUMBERS: 3 AHUs WITH 80,000 m³/h EACH and 3 AHUs WITH 60,000 m³/h EACH
  • TOTAL CAPACITY: 420,000 m³/h


Volkswagen Navarra assumes daily responsibility for the environment, safety and society. Thereby resource management and emissions receive special attention. Through innovation and impressive planning at the site, the goal is to continuously reduce energy consumption and the associated CO2 emissions. For this strategic interest, the new device technology with the new ZerAx® axial fans was deliberately chosen as a solution for the renewal of the ventilation in the assembly hall.

"The demands placed on the air conditioning of buildings increase steadily. Axial fans can make a significant contribution to combining technical requirements with sustainable building design. The new trend-setting AHU technology has fully met all expectations."

Asier Matorell, Factory Planning Manager, Volkswagen Navarra and Axel Rossmannek, Head of Supply Planning Volkswagen Wolfsburg


The ventilation had to be completely renewed for one of the largest production buildings of the factory. Higher air volumes were needed and the space available for the installation of the equipment was insufficient. Therefore, a new installation location for the AHUs had to be found on the roof. The large 80,000 m³/h units were placed on a steel platform on the connection between two buildings. In addition to saving energy, the criteria unit size, weight saving and noise reduction were therefore also key requirements.


The high demands could only be met with the new generation of air handling units, in which the highly efficient axial fans from NOVENCO were optimally utilized. The last equipment was put into operation in mid-December and exceeded all expectations.

The ZerAx® axial fans currently represent the world’s leading fan technology with fan efficiencies of up to 92%. NOVENCO, however, went one step further by optimizing the ZerAx® even more for use in the air handling units.




The key phrase here is intelligent interaction of the system components. At NOVENCO this interaction is embodied in the term EC+ and is developed in cooperation with Danfoss, Denmark. Only the optimal interaction of the system components fan - motor - electronics – diffusor, makes the full potential of a highly efficient fan realizable.



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Heat and power plant Amagerværket in Copenhagen

The Greater Copenhagen Utility company HOFOR (Danish: Hovedstadsområdets Forsyningsselskab) in the Copenhagen area has more than one million customers. The company supplies 1.1 million inhabitants with drinking water, district heat, district cooling and town gas, as well as disposal of waste water.

HOFOR’s vision is to create sustainable towns and cities, based on climate-friendly and environmentally safe supply solutions. The main focus is on sustainable deliveries and renewable energy in the operations. HOFOR is actively involved in the development of sustainability criteria and standards under the biomass sustainability certification scheme Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP).

Meet a true height-savers, NOVENCO rectangular tunnel jet fans

NOVENCO tunnel jet fans are developed for exhaust gas ventilation, visibility and smoke control in road and train tunnels. They guarantee effective ventilation and smoke control in case of a fire. NOVENCO provides a special designed range of space-saving rectangular tunnel jet fans for tunnel profiles with minimal available installation height.

The design is characterised by a space-saving rectangular shape and is based on the renowned range of NovAxTM axial flow fans, which efficiency is still unmatched in many fields. Compared to standard round tunnel fans, the required installation height is at least 20% less for these rectangular tunnel fans.

JK Tyres pioneers in India with ZerAx® and EC+ Concept

JK Tyres with its 9 large factories across the country is undeniably one of the leading tyre manufacturers in India. The high cost of energy and the increasing level of environmental awareness, spurred JK Tyres to search for more energy saving for their manufacturing plant in Chennai. 

After a large and exhaustive research of all available solutions on the market, including EC fans, JK Tyres chose the market’s most efficient and innovative solution known as the EC+ concept from NOVENCO and Danfoss.

BLOX’s fully automated car park equipped with safe NOVENCO jet fans

Designed by the renowned architects OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture), as a gigantic transparent glass masterpiece, BLOX is much more than just a modern complex in central Copenhagen.

In close cooperation with Airteam, one of Denmark’s leading company for technical ventilation solutions, NOVENCO Building & Industry was awarded the contract for equipment delivery for the BLOX’s fully automated underground parking with 350 spaces.

EC+ Concept - new partnership to optimise AHU systems

Today’s high cost of energy as well as the increasing level of environmental awareness and political measures, spiral the search for modern and more efficient solutions in the field of energy saving.
Danfoss and NOVENCO have joined forces to offer the market’s most efficient system solutions comprising fans, motors and frequency drives (VFDs) for AHUs and other ventilation applications.

The environmentally responsible Danfoss EC+ concept in combination with NOVENCO ZerAx® fans is the latest response to growing demands for energy saving.

Protect the blue planet for a greener world with NOVENCO Building & Industry

The United Nations (UN) has begun to mobilise efforts to build a better world with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Built on its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development calls all countries to improve the planet and lives of people through a number of Global Goals. 

NOVENCO Building & Industry is already highly involved in the achievement of goal no. 13 Climate Action, which is strongly associated with The Paris Agreement from 2015 and reflects NOVENCO’s daily efforts and actions for innovative and responsible production in harmony with the climate.

Ingenious BMW Welt equipped with NOVENCO renowned jet fans

When the BMW Group decided to build a brand-experience and car-delivery centre within close vicinity to the corporate headquarters and the BMW Museum in Munich, Germany, 275 architects participated in an open international competition for design of the future construction. 

NOVENCO Building & Industry was awarded the contract for the system design, equipment delivery, commissioning and system approval for the BMW Museum visitor car park. This area underneath the museum is equipped with high quality NOVENCO axial flow fans and jet fans, tested and approved to meet requirements for both CO ventilation and smoke exhaust in case of a fire.

ADNOC Housing Complex - Comfortable ventilation in the middle of desert

The Ruwais story began in the 1970s, when plans were made to transform a remote desert site into an industrial town to fulfill the requirements of Abu Dhabi’s booming oil and gas industry. Industry needs people and so a housing complex, with 7,000 residential units covering 15 km2 was developed as a model ‘new town’.

To create and assure a comfortable kitchen environment for the residents of all the villas in the Ruwais Housing Complex, NOVENCO Building & Industry supplied an impressive amount of 1,326 centrifugal flow fans CNA 250.

Westgate Oxford Shopping Centre secured with NOVENCO’s reliable ventilation systems

Before its transformation, the old Westgate Centre was more than 40 years old and situated in the heart of Oxford, one of England’s most historic cities. Nowadays, Westgate Shopping Centre is the new 800,000 square feet retail and leisure destination and is now open and is home to the three-storey retail centre, together with a 1,000 space underground car park and 61 new residential properties. 

For this large reconstruction NOVENCO Building & Industry was contracted to design, supply, install and commission the smoke ventilation systems for the whole development.


Innovative AHU concepts with ZerAx® fans

On January 1st 2018 the next stage of the Ecodesign Regulation 1253/2014 for AHUs came into force. The focus is on reduction of energy in AHU optimisation. This applies in particular to non-residential systems with large air

In cooperation with AHU producer Trubel Luft- und Klimatechnik GmbH, NOVENCO Building & Industry has conducted a comparative performance test in the TÜV Süd Test Laboratory. Both tests were conducted with identical installation points, measure points, measure units, but with two different fans - a premium plug fan from an unspecified fan manufacturer and the ZerAx® axial flow fan from NOVENCO Building & Industry. 

airCalc++ Software now greener with ZerAx® fans

The technical specifications of the innovative, highly efficient and patented ZerAx® axial flow fans are now integrated in airCalc++ by ISC GmbH. The world-wide known software is recognised as a next generation AHU selection program. 

The airCalc++ software is without doubt a strong tool for calculation of AHU configurations and is with the inclusion of the ZerAx® axial flow fans now capable of designing the most efficient solutions.

Highest fire safety for ADNOC staff accommodation in Al Ruwais

State owned Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), one of the largest energy producers in the world, recently expanded their Ruwais refinery, located 240 km West of Abu Dhabi city, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

To provide the best conditions for their employees, ADNOC built 14 residential accommodation buildings with a total of 672 units, each consisting of three floors, with a total area of 48,500 m². 

NOVENCO Building & Industry (NBI) was awarded the contract for design and delivery of a complete staircase pressurization system for all 14 escape staircases of the residential buildings in the Bachelors Accommodation to comply with UAE life and safety regulations.

Highest standard smoke control system for the CHIREC Hospital

The new Delta hospital of the innovative hospital group CHIREC (Centre Hôspital Interrégional Edith Cavell) is under construction in Auderghem, one of the municipalities located to the South East of the Belgium capital Brussels.

In this project, NOVENCO Building & Industry was awarded two contracts, one for the smoke control system of the shopping gallery on the ground floor of the hospital and another for the ventilation and smoke control system of the underground parking.

Axel Towers, five storeys of safe underground parking

Copenhagen’s newest icon. An architectural pearl. A new place to meet – close to everything. With its five fused towers of different heights, unrepeatable round shapes and thoughtful details, Axel Towers is unquestionably an architectural highlight in the city of Copenhagen.

NOVENCO Building & Industry (NBI) supplied high efficient ZerAx® AZN-1250 fans for the air intake. Throughout the five storey car park facility, 28 pcs AUO-290 jet fans ensure that polluted air is moved to the extraction fans.

Water powered by ZerAx - Total energy-retrofit of Sima Power Station

Hydropower or water power is power generated by falling water or fast running water. The principle is used in hydro-electric power stations all over the world. The cost of hydroelectricity is relatively low, making it a competitive source of renewable energy.  Interestingly, a hydro station consumes no water, unlike coal or gas plants.

NOVENCO Building & Industry (NBI) has delivered and installed 9 high efficiency ZerAx® fans as part of a comprehensive energy-retrofit of the power station. The fans ventilate all tunnels and working areas inside the mountain, and help remove the heat generated by the power house with transformer and within the generator areas.

Esplanade, car parks for future home of the Royal Bank of Canada

Jersey Island, the largest and fastest growing of the Channel Islands, has in recent years become known as a centre for alternative asset classes, including hedge, real estate and private equity funds. The new Esplanade Quarter on St Helier’s waterfront
is a landmark in this financial district.

For each of those grand and luxurious office buildings, Novenco Building & Industry supplied and installed a smoke clearance system with jet fans for the car park area. Novenco Building & Industry were also engaged to do the detailed design and installation of the natural automatic ventilation (AOV) system, mechanical AOV systems – Clear Choice Systems and Atrium ventilation systems.

Experimentarium, world-class science centre simulates gale-force winds with ZerAx® fans

For more than 20 years the old Experimentarium - a science centre in Hellerup - helped millions of curious children and adults to explore the world through science and technology. 8 million happy customers later, the old Experimentarium was fully  explored and it was decided to discover a new one - a science centre in absolute world class.

Novenco Building & Industry (NBI) was awarded the contract for design and delivery of a unique fan array with its renowned ZerAx® fans for one of the exhibitions - The Port, funded primarily by A.P. Møller Fonden.

International Finance Centre, safe car parks in the heart of Jersey

The International Finance Centre (IFC Jersey), a complex of 6 buildings in all, is designed by an award-winning team of architects and landscape designers to ensure a world-class business hub, providing environmentally sustainable Grade “A” office spaces. The first phase of IFC Jersey, Building 1 will create 67,000 sq ft of brand new, highest quality office spaces for new and expanding businesses. As part of this investment in Jersey’s future, it has been decided that more than half of the total development area will be handed back to the community as new green environments and landscaped areas for residents to enjoy.

Novenco Building & Industry designed and installed a car park ventilation system with Jet Fans for the underground parking of Building 1. A custom made frame mount was designed and built to hold the extract fans. The frame was built from galvanized steel and installed on the roof. The whole construction was preassembled before it was shipped to the site. 

Weighbridge House, the highest safety at the former Southampton Hotel

Projects that change the landscape of the Jersey Island with new buildings springing up and old ones being given a new look, give new life to the island. The redeveloped former Southampton Hotel in St. Helier was unveiled to near-universal praise after it had spent months under the cover of scaffolding and hoardings at the Weighbridge Place. Now named Weighbridge House, the completely renovated building contains 17,000 sq ft of space with ground floor and basement area designed as bar and restaurant, and four floors of modern commercial offices above.

The renovation of the Southampton Hotel restored its former glory. Islanders welcomed the return of the property, which is a familiar sight in photos of Liberation Day, where it forms part of the backdrop to one of the Island’s most memorable moments.

Nieuw Hoog Catharijne, 5 levels of fresh air under the ground

The renewed and expanded mall Nieuw Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht (The Netherlands), designed in close cooperation with very talented architects from Amsterdam and Los Angeles, comprises large, modern and transparent spaces. The new design aligns shopping centre and city centre, as two parallel boulevards run through the building from the Central Station to the city centre, creating one common space area. A quite attractive element of this construction - “Stadskamer”, made of glass from the bottom to the top, allows visitors to experience the flowing canal Catharijnesingel just under their feet.

The construction comprises 23,000 m² of retail space, 19,000 m² of shopping gallery, 9,000 m² of hotel space and an underground car park with approximately 1,300 spaces. Moreover, the construction will also include 60 apartments just above the Nieuw Hoog Catharijne.

Greenwich Wharf, breathtaking riverside living

Famed for giving its name to Greenwich Mean Time, Greenwich is where Eastern and Western hemispheres meet, home to a World Heritage Site, home to London’s oldest Royal Park, London’s only cable car and to The O2 arena, where some of the biggest names in music perform live. Greenwich is packed with royal heritage, world class attractions and breathtaking views. 

Prime position, riverside living created around a vibrant public of London city, this is what Greenwich Wharf is. With its range of luxurious apartments and large penthouses at the top of each block providing magnificent views across and along the river Thames, Greenwich Wharf is one of the most desirable addresses.

King Willem Alexander Tunnel, the green carpet over Maastricht

The exceptional design of these 2.3 km long double-layer tunnels are a first of its kind in Europe, suitable for passenger cars, lorries and trucks. The tunnel separates local traffic from transit traffic and advances a green environment for the citizens, as part of an integrated and sustainable plan for the city and the motorway. The plan entails multiple objectives for the improvement of the traffic flow on the A2 and the accessibility of Maastricht, as well as one that promotes the quality of life and road safety, resolving bottlenecks within the city, and creating opportunities for  urban development.

The integral area ‘The Green Carpet’ is designed on top of the new A2 motorway tunnel. A long, intimate tree-lined avenue above the tunnel is the connecting element between the adjacent city-districts. Moreover, the project contains more than 1,000  dwellings and 30,000 square meters of commercial real estate, all filled with more than 1,000 trees winding through the city.

ZerAx® fan sets new standard at TÜV SÜD test laboratory

TÜV SÜD is one of the world’s leading companies for product certifications and approval tests. They were looking for new solutions for the developing and set up of their new test facilities in Olching and decided to use the renown ZerAx® Axial flow fan.

The ZerAx® Axial flow fan is Novenco’s flagship product, and is the result of uncompromisingly design and constant product development. The ZerAx® Axial flow fan offers a sound reduction of up to 20dB, an extremely good flow quality and control accuracy, all key features that got TÜV SÜD interested in the ZerAx® fan.

Energy saving and reliable operation at Danish TV Station

The Danish tv station serves the public with around the clock news. NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S was contacted by the tv station when a fan in one of their technical rooms broke down. The fan supplies fresh air to the news office where people work all hours of the day to provide news to the public.

Due to the fact that the editorial department broadcasts 24/7, it was of the utmost importance that the new fan was fitted into an existing installation to minimize installation time and noise. The fan was installed during the night and caused a minimum of disturbance to the news team at work.

CS Gruppen - Super cool ZerAx® fan guarantees energy saving at minus 30°C

The Danish company CS Gruppen A/S handles daily logistics in the Danish food industry. Their freezer plants are located all over the country and from their most southern location in Padborg they ship 250-300 tons of food a day. That amounts to a total of 200,000 pallets per year. Part of the business is freezing fresh meat at minus 30 °C and storing it at minus 18 °C until it is shipped out into the world in freezer trucks and containers.

The company freezes up to 1,800 tons a day so naturally a large amount of energy is required to keep the plant going and to meet the customers’ demands.

CS Gruppen A/S is even expanding their capacity in Padborg to expedite even greater quantities and accommodate the technological and environmental requirements of a modern freezer facility. When reviewing the plant for energy optimisation the  existing fans were included in the review. The 25-30 year old fans represented a large part of the energy consumption in the freezing tower.

Kvaesthus Project Copenhagen, safe underwater parking with NOVENCO jet fans to keep air cool and clean

A new underwater car park has been established in the center of Copenhagen right next to the Queens palace and close to the popular Nyhavn where millions of tourists visit every year. The car park holds accommodates 500 cars and is built in 3 levels. All  levels are placed below street and water level making it one of the most unique underground car parks in Copenhagen.

NOVENCO Building & Industry has delivered and installed a high tech ventilation solution that will keep the air in car park clean, despite the many cars passing through every day. The system includes 2 ACN 1400 extraction fans (F300) and 24 AUO 380  unidirectional jet fans (F300). 36 sensors are placed strategically between the North and South part of the car park. The sensors detect any change in the level of CO/NOx and CH and the highly developed control system will adjust the ventilation immediately if levels reach critical point. This is to keep the air clean and safe from exhaust particles from the cars.

ZerAx® fans ensure safety and health in new Al Rashid Mall in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The new and prestigious Al Rashid Mall in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has a total mall area of 89,000 m² and houses both shops and offices and an underground parking area.

With thousands of people visiting every day, it is imperative that noise levels are kept to a minimum and that contaminated air discharged from the cars will not affect the public and customers.

Burj Khalifa, On top of the world

World’s tallest building, incomparable achievement of engineers, unique work of art - Burj Khalifa is all the above, literally and figuratively. More than just the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa is a splendid symbol of development of the dynamic and successful Middle East. Finally, Burj Khalifa is an impressive example of Dubai’s growing role in a changing world. In less than 30 years Dubai has developed from a regional centre to a global one. Dubai does not owe its success to oil reserves, but to resources of human talent, their ingenuity and creativity.

Carlsberg replaces old fans with new high efficiency ZerAx® fans

Carlsberg Group has stated as a goal that energy consumption must be optimised in order to reduce CO2 emissions and reduce the energy consumption costs. The ventilation constitutes 23% of the total energy consumption at the brewery in Fredericia, and the CO2 reduction contributes with 0.04 GBP per saved kWh in sales of CO2.

Therefore, it was primarily for financial reasons that it was decided to replace the old fans installed in the 1970’s with new ZerAx® fans. When the first fans were installed, they were not adjusted and therefore ran at constant full capacity in very humid  surroundings, in one of the bottling halls that works 24/7. The purpose was to exhaust the moist air and inject dry, warm air.

Cooling the world's most advanced cruise ship AIDAprima

AIDAprima, the first of two new cruise vessels for Aida Cruises, was officially launched on May 3rd 2014 at the Nagasaki Shipyard of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. It is the latest and largest ship ever built for the German shipowner. The sister ship, yet to be  named, follows in 2016. AIDAprima and the sister ship are the most advanced cruise liners in the world and the largest ever constructed in Japan. And with the ZerAx® fans built into the air handling units (AHUs), they are set to be the most energy efficient vessels in their class. Both ships are in this aspect truly next-generation vessels. The passenger experience is exceptional, among other things because Aida Cruises has gone to great lengths to ensure that the ships are the most fuel efficient cruise line.

ZerAx® fans make data center cool

A location for this Data Center in Northern Scandinavia close to the Arctic circle, has been chosen because of the possibility of using natural cooling for this enormous facility. This server facility is expected to be as large as 13 football fields, with an  estimated power usage of 120 GW, corresponding to the power use of about 16.000 households. 

The facility will have substantially lower energy consumption as well as lower set-up and operational costs in comparison to other modern data centres, and it will be one of the world’s most energy efficient facilities.

Siemens Wind Power chooses ZerAx® fans for their wind turbines

Complete and optimised ventilation solution replaces the entire current ventilation systems, both in new and existing wind turbines. The project delivery includes supply of three different fan sizes depending on the type of wind turbine.

Energy savings of more than 50% at Odense University Hospital

The 280,000 m2 floor space makes the Odense University Hospital one of the largest heated areas of the Danish hospital service. The total energy consumption for electricity, water, and heating is above 100 mill. kroner per year. Within this, the expenses for ventilation are by far the largest expenditure item in the energy field.

This has led to the completion of the first stage of replacing the old fans. So far 35 fans have been replaced. These new fans still work in conjunction with the older ventilation systems that were installed in the 1950s and 1960s – yet the savings have been  significant and immediate.

Significantly reduced sound level with ZerAx® fans at Aarhus Concert Hall

The Aarhus Concert Hall was opened in August 1982, and in 2007 the building was extended by 17,000 m². The completed building occupies more than 33,000 m² and has 500 rooms. It is visited annually by 700,000 people and provides a venue for more  than 1,000 events a year.

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