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Car Park fans are for ventilation and fire control in roofed facilities like underground carparks, carpark tower blocks etc. The system is unique as it is without ducts and uses the impulse principle to move air. Often the designs include axial flow fans for supply or exhaust air. The advantages are lower construction cost and better space utilisation.
The NOVENCO Car Park Fans series are available as unidirectional or reversible units and include versions with silencers or with silencing technology.
Designs are oval, round or flat with thrusts between 5 and 111 N, rated power from 0.1 to 2.2 kW and sound pressures from 35 to 75 db(A).

jet fanCar park fans

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Jet Fans AUZ-ARP
Jet Fans AUZ-ARP

Oval design car park jet fans in a unidirectional (AUZ) and fully reversible (ARP) version. This range of oval jet fans excels in low noise levels. The installation height is 422mm.
These compact and robust jet fans have been developed especially for the use in car parks. The jet fans have been designed for an optimal capacity, long life span and very reliable operation.

Jet Fans AZT
Jet Fans AZT

Compact and unidirectional car park jet fans (AZT) with adjustable outlet and low fan height.
Fans of the AZT type are especially robust, compact and perfect for car parks, small tunnels and service yards. The jet fans have optimal capacity, long life spans, reliable operation and are service-friendly.

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