NOVENCO Building & Industry offers energy efficient ventilation for all categories of buildings. The solutions are innovative and meet the demands for low energy consumption and modest running costs while securing comfortable and healthy indoor climates. The geographical distribution of NOVENCO installations spans the whole world for all kinds of buildings and industries, for example within sectors such as commercial, industrial, public and residential.

The most efficient AHUs for comfortable indoor climates

Air quality and indoor climates are just as important in residential as in commercial and industrial buildings. Ventilation and ventilation systems play key roles to maintain healthy and comfortable conditions in these types of buildings. One of the biggest challenges is to keep the indoor air quality at comfortable levels with as low an energy consumption as possible.
At the centre of most ventilation systems are the air handling units (AHUs). As a minimum, an AHU includes a fan in each air duct to move the air through the unit. Our environmentally friendly EC+ concept was developed and is kept up-to-date in close cooperation between Danfoss and NOVENCO. It is the latest response to the markets’ growing demands for energy saving and needs to reduce CO2 emissions. The most efficient of EC+ system solutions for AHUs are miles ahead of the competition with unmatched total system efficiencies of 85%. The EC+ concept, that is specifically conceived to increase the efficiencies of HVAC systems, comprises the NOVENCO ZerAx® series of high efficiency axial flow fans, high efficiency IE4 or IE5 permanent magnet (PM) motors and intelligent and high efficiency Danfoss VLT® frequency drives.

New levels of fan performance

High performance NOVENCO ZerAx® axial fans have unmatched fan efficiencies of up to 92%. These efficiencies push AHU designs to new levels, and thus lower the overall power consumption as well as the sound levels for better comfort. The fan lifetimes are 20+ years, which contribute to sustainability and guarantee low maintenance costs. The ZerAx® fans are the most energy-efficient on the market today.

The highest system efficiencies and compact AHU system designs

With motor and frequency drive efficiencies both reaching above 95%, the ZerAx® fan efficiency of 92% brings the overall system efficiency to an impressing 85%. This is 20-25 percentage points better than the closest alternative solutions, such as direct-driven centrifugal plug fans with EC motors. It is the highest possible total system efficiency for AHUs available on the market. Because of the high efficiencies of the ZerAx®, it is possible to design AHUs up to 30% shorter and 30% lighter, still have the same performance characteristics and to cut expenditures on running cost. The ZerAx® fans for AHUs are complete plug-and-play solutions, that ensures easy and fast installation. Even with the improved characteristics the fan noise levels are significantly lower than those from other fan manufacturers. The fan lifetimes are 20+ years, which contribute to sustainability and guarantee low maintenance costs.

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