Mushrooms and greenhouses

Growers of crops in greenhouses and mushroom farms face complex ventilation challenges where control of the indoor climate is essential to the yield and the bottom line. The ventilation systems in facilities for growth such as these must ensure optimal conditions in the crops and promote healthy and disease-free growth. Factors like precise control of temperature, humidity, CO2-content and air circulation in combination with requirements for low energy consumption and low maintenance costs put high demands on the quality and performance of the ventilation systems.
NOVENCO’s experience within this field of products is long and stretches more than 70 years back with design, production and delivery of custom solutions. Our fans are proven and have certified performance, that offer strength, durability and reliability in even the harshest of conditions found in these unique environments.

Ventilation of mushroom farms

The cultivation of mushrooms is a delicate process that requires perfect balances and timing from beginning to end of the many phases involved in order to have a successful outcome. The common mushroom (Latin: agaricus bisporus) needs optimal conditions and controlled growth for growers to meet market demands on time and at the lowest possible cost. The challenges this presents depends on the layout of the facility as well as the growers’ individual requirements. Apart from several process fans, the ventilation system designs may include functionality like heat recovery, ammonia scrubbers, bio filters and odour treatment.

Greenhouse ventilation systemsVentilation of mushroom farms

Ventilation of greenhouses

Crops in greenhouses grow in equally unique environments as mushrooms in farms. The circulation of air creates even conditions for growth while at the same time also limits the risk of diseases and moisture damages. As a result, ventilation systems for greenhouses are critical as they keep cost down, increase production and ensure optimal conditions for the crops.

Greenhouse ventilation systems

Choose the correct fans

The fans are the single most important component for active ventilation of greenhouses and for the movement of air within these buildings. Circulation fans are often part of passive ventilation systems in structures with minimum ventilation.
The use of fans for air exchange is a very effective approach to pull air through the full length of structures and thereby avoid hot air pockets. Extraction fans in higher locations in greenhouses are more effective for cooling than fans in lower locations.
Active ventilation systems have limited capacity to quickly change large volumes of air. If the design specifications for a greenhouse are inadequate, it can result in poor air circulation through the crops. Under-ventilated structures often have overheating problems in the crop that is in the middle of, for example, greenhouses.
To ensure correct capacity and installation, select the fans in consultation with an independent expert and NOVENCO®. Ventilation fans generally must have enough capacity to completely replace the air in the greenhouse once every minute.

Two very important aspects in the choice of fans are the operational cost and noise generation. To be able to keep operational cost down can contribute considerably in the quest for satisfying economic outcomes. The control of noise may pose problems in the production facilities as well as in the areas surrounding the facilities. A good example of a fan, that more than meets these tough criteria, is the NOVENCO ZerAx®, which is the most energy-efficient in the market and with very low noise levels.

The special set of challenges found in the aggressive environments known from mushrooms farms call for especially robust fans. Well-proven fans for these purposes are our centrifugal flow fans, that are optimised for delivery of process air in composting plants and withstand corrosion caused by the moist environments.


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