NOVENCO Building & Industry has a long history as supplier of ventilation for the agricultural sector. Our optimal energy-saving solutions and designs for farms, dairy and industrial facilities are innovative and help ensure environmentally safe ventilation and comfort. The solutions are robust and can increase productivity substantially as well as reduce health issues at low investment and operating cost. Our products and knowledge contribute to perfect storage conditions and hence, reduce losses through waste. Payback times are short due to the low running costs, the increase in productional effectiveness, less waste and high equipment durability.

Agriculture fans

Characteristics of optimal HVAC systems for agricultural buildings 

  • Provision of proper fresh air at all times - During warm months large amounts of fresh air are required to supply enough air to control humidity, temperature, odours and other parameters.
  • Distribute fresh air evenly - The fresh air distribution system must service all areas of the livestock space to ensure acceptable air quality in terms of air speed and temperature.
  • Maintain a suitable temperature - Livestock has a better productivity when the “comfort temperature range” is met.
  • Control of odours and gases - Carbon dioxide from the livestock’s respiration displaces oxygen. Ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulphide gases come from manure and can easily reach unacceptable levels. Furthermore, too high concentrations of gases reduce livestock productivity and create poor working conditions for the employees. Extreme levels cause severe injuries and death.

Ventilation system design for agricultural buildings

Several criteria must be met by the ventilation system design. It is crucial to determine and adhere to the regulations and standards. The requirements for the ventilation system design depend on the type of livestock, age and body weight, which is why it is important to define what the intended use of the facility is and to consider future uses. Local weather conditions with consideration to global warming trends in the area are also of great importance. The ventilation system must be designed with an adequate supplemental heating and cooling for extreme climatic conditions.

Fans for HVAC ventilation systems in agricultural buildings

The purpose of agricultural buildings is to provide optimal conditions for the livestock’s well-being and productivity. Effective ventilation is a key requirement in this connection, where axial fans are very commonly employed. Axial fans are excellent for achievement of both static and dynamic pressures for optimal energy utilisation. The fans are as such the most efficient for use in ventilation of these kinds of buildings. NOVENCO Building & Industry produces axial flow fans, which are on the technological forefront when it comes to energy and cost-efficiency.

For optimal ventilation

  • Fans should have the correct size - Fans larger than necessary waste energy. However, large diameter fans are usually more efficient than smaller diameter fans.
  • Energy-efficient fans should be the preferred choice - There is a significant difference between the best and worst performing fans. Moreover, fans with diffusers or cones are more efficient than fans without.


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