AZT jet fans

Small, safe and economic

NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S releases the most compact axial jet fans for large car parks and service yards. The AZT jet fans are designed with a small form factor in mind and for optimum capacity, long lifetimes and reliable operation as answer to essential market requirements. The 100 N strong unidirectional AZT jet fans are based on the acclaimed ZerAx® axial flow fans, which provide fan energy efficiencies up to 92%, extremely low sound levels and expected product lifetimes of more than 20 years. The AZT jet fans ensure high performance at the lowest possible power consumption, and meet market requirements for simpler, safer and more economic fans. The jet fans are without silencers, due to the high efficiency and low sound profile of the ZerAx®, which make them very compact and lead them to low cost of transport.

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