CS Gruppen

ZerAx® guarantees energy saving at -30°C

The Danish company CS Gruppen A/S handles daily logistics in the Danish food industry. Their freezer plants are located all over the country and from their most southern location in Padborg they ship 250-300 tons of food a day. That amounts to a total of 200,000 pallets per year. Part of the business is freezing fresh meat at minus 30°C and storing it at minus 18°C until it is shipped out into the world in freezer trucks and containers.
The company freezes up to 1,800 tons a day so naturally a large amount of energy is required to keep the plant going and to meet the customers’ demands. CS Gruppen A/S is even expanding their capacity in Padborg to expedite even greater quantities and accommodate the technological and environmental requirements of a modern freezer facility.
When reviewing the plant for energy optimisation the existing fans were included in the review. The 25-30 year old fans represented a large part of the energy consumption in the freezing tower.
The freezing of fresh meat occurs under extreme cold conditions with high requirements for quality and reliability of equipment. After a thorough dialogue with three different suppliers, each offering very different solutions, the decision was made to install the ZerAx® axial flow fans at the plant. This solution had the highest acquisition value, but calculations showed that the ROI would only be 23 months. This is due to the ZerAx® fan efficiency of up to 90%. The ROI calculations are based on the plant running at full capacity (5,000 hours per year). A reduction of the operation time will prolong the ROI.

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