NOVENCO Building & Industry manufactures a wide range of products and systems for ventilation. The products and systems build on our experience and deliver superb reliability with low energy consumption.

NOVENCO fans are certified to the EU’s Energy-Related Products Directive (ErP Directive 2009/125/EC). This eco-design directive also applies to fans, which is implemented through the latest consolidated version of the EU Commission Regulation No 327/2011. All NOVENCO fans all perform well above the minimum efficiency requirements set out in this regulation.

For powered smoke and heat control ventilation systems, all NOVENCO smoke fans have been tested and certified in accordance with the EN 12101 part 3 by a notified body. The range of smoke fans include axial smoke fans and jet fans for car park and tunnel ventilation systems. Our range of ZerAx® HT smoke fans is certified to EN 12101-3:2015 including variable speed drives (VSD). With this addition of a certified package of efficient smoke fans in combination with frequency inverters, the highest level of performance and reliability are available to smoke control systems.

NOVENCO products have mechanical lifetimes of 20 years. Storage, installation and maintenance must be in accordance with our instructions, which include the installation and maintenance guides as well as other instructions from NOVENCO.

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