Better results through increased upcycling of materials

The ’Design for recycling’ project in close cooperation with Stena Recycling has given NOVENCO® Building & Industry clear benefits. Among them is the Recyclability Analysis, which reveals the impressive result that the NOVENCO ZerAx® fans have a 98% recyclability rating. This is the highest recyclability rating of a fan in the market.

Rikke Helstrup, Head of Sustainable Business at Stena Recycling, says “At NOVENCO Building & Industry, an international market position is achieved, because they already develop sustainable products by focusing and investing in sustainability in the development phase.” 


Production of new aluminium and steel leaves large CO2 footprints

The increased recycling of aluminium and steel is without a doubt good for the environment. However, proper recycling requires knowledge, which Stena Recycling possesses and make available to NOVENCO Building & Industry. As a manufacturer of the most environmentally friendly fans and ventilation systems in the world, NOVENCO wished to document and increase their recycling and needed a strong partner with the right mindset, deep material insight and experience with effective waste reduction.

“Competent sparring with external specialists is important to us. And, the access to the knowledge Stena Recycling possesses, was of key importance to us. We saw great benefits in a single and combined solution, while we also had an important wish for a total single-supplier solution. The partnership with Stena Recycling has given us a valuable add-on to our energy-saving solutions and ensured we have a closed recycling circuit for aluminium and other metals”, says Lars Erik Knaack, CEO, NOVENCO Building & Industry and adds “For us to exceed the regulatory requirements and contribute to the sustainable development, we have collaborated closely with Stena Recycling. Stena’s international network and knowledge of the steel industry’s requirement specifications has been crucial to how we sort and develop recyclable products for the benefit of the environment and the entire metal-working industry.”

Design for Recycling

The Stena Recycling Design for Recycling report from March 2020 shows, that a total of 98% of the materials in NOVENCO’s renowned ZerAx® fans are recyclable.
Both in terms of energy and materials, NOVENCO thereby contributes to significant lower CO2 emissions and to a reduction of the global resource consumption.
By ensuring that aluminium and steel are sorted, the company’s products can be developed in a different way. With a higher degree of material recycling, more recycled resources can be included in the production loop. The Design for the Recycling process has strengthened NOVENCO’s market position and the company can develop sustainable products faster and easier by putting more effort into the initial design phase.

“At NOVENCO Building & Industry, we have created an efficient sorting system. It is supported by an employee culture, that whole-heartedly backs waste minimisation, and secondly by our strong collaboration with Stena Recycling on the quality increase of recycled materials”, says Lars Erik Knaack, CEO, NOVENCO Building & Industry.


Download the whole case story as PDF (GB version)
Download the whole case story as PDF (DK version)

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