The world gets warmer with every year and the need for cooling grows within many sectors and industries. Energy-intensive industries such as data centres, wind power and freeze-drying of foods are prominent examples that have become essential to our modern life.


Industrial cooling fansIndustrial cooling fans

Depending on factors such as geographical location, installation type and ventilation needs, NOVENCO designs and delivers solutions in accordance to the desired ventilation principles.

  • Natural cooling – a popular principle, where fresh outdoor air is cleverly used for cooling of buildings. It is a refined method that has gained widespread use and one in which NOVENCO excels in delivery of high-quality system solutions. In comparison to more conventional systems, the NOVENCO solutions for natural cooling are very energy-efficient and with good operating economy.
  • Recirculation of indoor air and mechanical cooling – a very common and well-proven principle for cooling, which with the use of optimised components and well-laid out systems can be quite energy-efficient.

Whatever ventilation principle is employed, the NOVENCO solutions have low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) due to low service requirements, low maintenance and low energy requirements. In addition to this come the long and renowned NOVENCO product lifetimes that underline the high payback on the capital cost as well as the high ROI.

Key components in the design of cooling systems are the fans that move the air. Movement of air through cooling systems with little energy consumption is essential to the overall operating economy, as many cooling systems operate around the clock. For this purpose, the NOVENCO ZerAx® axial flow fans are perfect. The ZerAx fans are, since the introduction in 2009, world-leading and unmatched in terms of fan efficiencies and performance. The range of ZerAx fans is indeed very wide and includes fans for any application within the cooling sector. Other distinguishing features of the ZerAx fans are the product lifetimes of 20+ years, high durability, low sound levels, long maintenance intervals and low service cost.

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