Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Accreditation for NOVENCO Building & Industry

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an integral vision of sustainable business operations. It is a process and not a final destination. Goals change over time with every business decision.
NOVENCO Building & Industry B.V. is aware of its responsibility towards People, Planet and Profit and seeks a balance between social, environmental and economic aspects. Based on their values, NOVENCO has been accredited with the VEBON/NOVB Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Certificate.

NOVENCO expects the same attitude from its suppliers and business partners. NOVENCO focuses on the following four values:

Stakeholders' interests
NOVENCO respects the interests of stakeholders and is involved. It adopts this attitude in all its relationships with clients, as well as with employees and suppliers.

NOVENCO stands for the supply of high-quality knowledge, products and services of the highest quality. NOVENCO complies with laws and regulations, guidelines and industry agreements.

NOVENCO shall act with integrity and transparency and shall handle information with due care and professionalism. In this respect, NOVENCO respects the privacy of all relationships. Agreements are honoured and obligations are followed up.

Social and Environmental
NOVENCO contributes to a sustainable society, among others by working with products that minimise the negative impact on health, the environment and society during their use phase, and takes measures to reduce the negative impact on climate change and environmental protection.

VEBON/NOVB Certificate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


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