Tunnel F300

NOVENCO tunnel fans – close to 50 years of thrust

NOVENCO Building & Industry has supplied jet fans for longitudinal ventilation of road and rail tunnels since the early 1970s. Today, NOVENCO ranks among the world’s leading manufacturers of tunnel ventilation and smoke control systems.

In response to the requirements for high thrust from tunnel jet fans with minimum installation heights, the NOVENCO R&D department has upgraded our comprehensive range of tunnel jet fans. With this upgrade, even higher thrusts are available with minimum installation heights. Where the round tunnel jet fan range has been extended with higher thrust capabilities, the already space-saving rectangular tunnel fans now offer even more thrust. By combining this higher thrust with patented air deflectors, NOVENCO provides tunnel builders with a maximum in-tunnel thrust with the lowest possible installation heights, which adds valuable clearance height.

All elements of the tunnel jet fans have been thoroughly reviewed and optimised to the uncompromising and well-known NOVENCO quality. The innovative tunnel solutions feature high efficiencies and low sound levels due to the use of modern design and technologies.

The NOVENCO tunnel ventilation products and systems are manufactured in Denmark according to the highest standards. The tunnel jet fans are available in uni-directional and 100% reversible executions. The jet fans are tested and certified for use in smoke control systems up to 400 °C for 2 hrs.

NOVENCO additional services
- Tunnel ventilation and smoke control design assistance
- Project specific product fine-tuning
- FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) and SAT (Site Acceptance Test)

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