We want to create a greener and safer world, and this ambition requires careful consideration for the environment in our design stages and manufacturing processes.

At NOVENCO® Building & Industry, we are highly aware of the need to preserve our ecosystem, which is why energy efficiency, sustainability and recycling are natural and inherent parts of our design and business. Our resource-friendly products reflect this with long life spans and environmentally safe production processes.

Our efficient and reliable ventilation products are part of industrial, commercial, public and residential buildings worldwide. They enable a greener operation in all kinds of constructions and sectors, from car parks and tunnels to data centres and wind industry. Our products and services are marketed and distributed through a network of subsidiaries and carefully chosen agents.

Care for sustainability

We develop and implement high-efficient ventilation fans that require minimal resources to run and reduce the discharge of harmful substances. They play vital roles in a growing number of installations worldwide and enable a more environmentally friendly operation within a wide range of industries and markets such as tunnels, agriculture, cooling systems, building ventilation and process and wind industries.

With the increasing need for sustainable construction, more and more property developers and owners aim for LEED, BREEAM or DGNB building certifications. We are proud that one of the first fans to be approved for these programmes is a NOVENCO fan.

High quality

We take great pride in guaranteeing high-quality products and systems that deliver top performance for many years. Quality is key from the beginning to the end of our design process.

To ensure our products meet the customers’ requests and requirements, the processes are continually assessed to ensure they are in line with the set requirements. We allocate the necessary time and resources to ensure that new designs are correct and verified.

Products on the technological forefront

Since 1947 our design, development and operation of ventilation products and systems has allowed us to amass vast experience. The effort we put into research and development reflects this and enables us to create products on the technological forefront with regard to performance and durability.

The world is constantly changing, and through new challenges from the environment, our customers and the business environment call for innovative solutions. These challenges fuel our desire to create the next generation of ventilation products.

Green at heart

Our production facilities are located in Denmark and exceed the environmental standards in force. We diminish the strain on the environment, as we

  • reduce energy consumption
  • improve waste sorting
  • minimise steel scrap
  • evaluate our product range and suppliers from an environmental point of view

The effort that goes into serving the environment and markets with the right products is a constantly growing challenge that we commit ourselves to every day.

All our products and systems are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

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