Our consideration to the environment in the design and manufacturing of ventilation equipment and fans is the most essential duty for NOVENCO Building & Industry. The resource friendly products reflect this dedication with long life spans and environmentally safe production processes.
NOVENCO Building & Industry’s efficient and reliable products and systems for ventilation are part of industrial, commercial, public and residential buildings all over the world.
The products and services are marketed and distributed through a network of subsidiaries and carefully chosen agents.


Green focus

The land based applications and markets are the focal point of our business. For these markets we develop and implement high efficient ventilation fans which require minimal resources to run and reduce the discharge of harmful substances.
The carparks segment is a core business, which we in the 1990s revolutionized with our jet fans. These fans play central roles in a growing number of installations. Even in such critical situations in the case of fires, the environment remains the focus, as the amount of energy for the systems is minimum. This true 2-in-1 system feature protects lives and spares the environment.


High quality

We take great pride in being able to guarantee high quality products and systems that can deliver top performance for many years. Quality is a key word from the beginning to the end of our design process. In order to ensure our products meet bespoke requests, the process is continually assessed to ensure it meets the design requirements. We allocate the necessary time and resources to ensure that our new designs are correct and verified.



Since 1947 our design, development and operation of ventilation products and systems have allowed us to amass vast experience. The effort we put into research and development reflect this and allow us to create products on the technological forefront with respect to performance and durability. The world is constantly changing and through new challenges from the environment, our customers and the business environment call for innovative solutions. These challenges fuel our desire to create the next generation of ventilation products.



The production facilities are located in Denmark and are in agreement with the environmental standards according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We diminish the strain put on the environment as we reduce energy consumption, improve waste sorting, minimize steel scrap and evaluate our product range and suppliers from an environmental point of view.
The effort it takes to serve the environment and markets with the right products is a constantly growing challenge we commit ourselves to every day.
All products and systems are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

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