NOVENCO’s highly efficient ZerAx® fans contribute to LEED certification of sustainable buildings

The LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environment Design - certification programme is a globally recognised symbol of sustainability achievements. It is also a benchmark and a commonly accepted overall system for reducing environmental impact. At present, more than 135 countries have LEED-certified buildings.

An almost perfect piece and well-suited for LEED certification of sustainable buildings comes in the form of the NOVENCO ZerAx fans. These are on the technological forefront and far ahead of the competitors with respect to performance and durability.
With unmatched fan efficiencies of 92% and a 98% recyclability rate after 20+ years of product lifetime, the ZerAx fans are world-leading and best-in-class.

The NOVENCO LEED documentation package has been prepared by the leading engineering company Rambøll in Denmark. It enables auditors to easily assess the specific contributions of NOVENCO products.

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