Rectangular tunnel jet fans

Meet a true height-savers, NOVENCO rectangular tunnel jet fans

NOVENCO tunnel jet fans are developed for exhaust gas ventilation, visibility and smoke control in road and train tunnels. They guarantee effective ventilation and smoke control in case of a fire.


NOVENCO provides a special designed range of space-saving rectangular tunnel jet fans for tunnel profiles with minimal available installation height. The design is characterised by a space-saving rectangular shape and is based on the renowned range of NovAxTM axial flow fans, which efficiency is still unmatched in many fields. Compared to standard round tunnel fans, the required installation height is at least 20% less for these rectangular tunnel fans. In cases where the height of the technical installations is limited, this solution is particularly effective and desirable by tunnel designers and builders, especially for tunnels with rectangular tunnel profiles.

By using the NOVENCO rectangular tunnel fans, the tunnel height can be significantly lower, which returns in huge savings on construction costs of the tunnel over the whole length.


NOVENCO’s efforts in research and development reflect their dedication to create products on the technological forefront with respect to performance and durability. NOVENCO has designed and developed this space-saving solution based on its many years of experience in the field of tunnel ventilation. For this particular solution NOVENCO uses specially designed aerodynamic wingshaped deflectors, which result in a much better overall system efficiency than conventional air deflectors.


These space-saving tunnel jet fans have been installed in a large number of underwater- and city tunnels, where minimal installation height is of the essence. Just to mention a few; the Maastunnel in Rotterdam, the Piet Hein tunnel in Amsterdam, the A2 Leidsche Rijntunnel near Utrecht, the Koningstunnel in Den Haag and the Abdijtunnel in Hoofddorp are among NOVENCO’s worldwide references.


A comparison of the rectangular NOVENCO ARC-800 vs the equivalent round ARR-800 with the same performance data show the Unique Selling Point (USPs) of NOVENCOs special designed rectangular range of tunnel jet fans. In conditions where installation space for tunnel jet fans is limited, the NOVENCO rectangular fans play an essential role for designing ventilation and smoke control solutions. And last but not least, the rectangular range of tunnel jet fans provide a lower sound level, which ensure better conditions and driving comfort in the tunnels.

For more technical data on the complete range of NOVENCO tunnel jet fans, please visit the tunnel fans section on this website.

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