Al Rashid Mall

ZerAx® fans ensure safety and health in new Al Rashid Mall in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The new and prestigious Al Rashid Mall in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has a total mall area of 89,000 m² and houses both shops and offices and an underground parking area.

With thousands of people visiting every day, it is imperative that noise levels are kept to a minimum and that contaminated air discharged from the cars will not affect the public and customers.


The installation includes 69 ZerAx® AUZ-340 Jet Fans distributed within the car park to guide fresh air to all areas and to transport contaminated air/smoke to the extract points and 15 ACN 1120/403-6 high temperature extract fans located in 5 fan rooms. Each fan room has the capacity to extract 78 m³/s of air.

Prior to the installation NOVENCI has carefully analysed the airflow by using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to optimize and show the effectiveness of the proposed solution. The ventilation solution limits CO levels in the car park and provides smoke clearance in the event of a fire in the car park area. The analysis is used to verify escape routes and free passages for fire and rescue personnel in case of a fire emergency in the car park area. 

The jet fan systems have many benefits over traditional ductwork ventilation systems. These include simplified and quicker installation, energy savings, cleaner environment and more effective ventilation throughout the parking area. NOVENCO Building & Industry delivers a complete, automated solution, including supervision and installation. The automatic solution is based on the thoroughly tested Novenco Car Park System.

The system has fully automatic standalone control for each ZerAx®, with network connection to all the other machines in the system, enabling general control and monitoring but also intelligent exchange of operational status so that other systems can take
over in case of errors with an individual system. The system is built with the latest PLC system with a colour touch screen, as well as a fully duplicated frequency transformer set-up as backup. 


Natural supplied air is distributed efficiently by 69 AUZ jet fans. The contaminated air is exhausted by in total 16 NovAx ACN 1120 exhaust fans with mounting feet and acoustic diffusers, as well as a frequency transformer. The selected NovAx type ACN 1120 fans have an efficiency of 80% and are delivered with high efficiency motors.

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