Luxury development protected with certified NOVENCO ClearChoice™ system

Luxury development protected with certified NOVENCO ClearChoice™ system


The Osiers Road development comprises three newly constructed buildings located in the Riverside Quarter of Wandsworth London, United Kingdom. It provides 168 luxury residential apartments and offers over 40,000 sq ft of commercial space. The three buildings range in height from 10 to 14 storeys and harmoniously blend with the surroundings.


NOVENCO® Building & Industry was awarded the contract by H&V Serviceplan for design, delivery, installation and commissioning of the certified NOVENCO ClearChoiceTM dual smoke and environmental ventilation systems for the project. The lobby smoke ventilation systems protect the three staircases in case of fire. A separate smoke clearance system protects the basement and is also part of the NOVENCO installation. All systems and designs are coordinated with the fire engineering team and assessed by CFD modelling analysis to meet the project Fire Strategy and current Building Regulations.

Unique to the smoke ventilation systems is the use of the highly efficient NOVENCO ZerAx® smoke fans, fully tested and compliant with the EN12101-3 requirements.


The systems employ several NOVENCO ZerAx smoke extract fans type AZN and ZerAx jet fans type AZT. All fans are in accordance with the design guidance documents of the Smoke Control Association, BS9991 and BS7346 parts 7 & 8.

As NOVENCO Building & Industry is a trusted IFC SDI 19 Certified Installer and SCA Member, all system components comply with the requirements of the EN12101 series.
The part 2 compliant natural smoke ventilators, and the part 3 compliant smoke fans, complete with the Danfoss FC102 frequency drives, ensure the systems are commissioned to run at the exact design speed in line with the CFD outcome.
The part 7 compliant smoke control ductwork connects smoke fans, smoke shafts and smoke control dampers.
The part 8 smoke control dampers control the airflow and maintain fire compartmentation to all lobbies. Control systems are part 9(pr) and part 10 compliant.
The systems incorporate fast-response pressure controls to ensure that optimal airflow is available whenever the smoke ventilation system is operational.
The lobby systems are dual-purpose with fans used to extract excess heat from the corridors utilising the smoke shafts.
The basement system also provides daily ventilation of the car park, using a CO monitoring system and the highly efficient ZerAx fans to deliver the required performance with minimum energy consumption.

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