Frankfurt Airport renovated with NOVENCO® ZerAx® fans

Fraport AG at Frankfurt Airport in Germany saves approximately 60% energy and 2.2 kt CO2 annually with highly efficient Danfoss speed-controlled NOVENCO® ZerAx® fans


At Frankfurt Airport Terminal 2, the two air handling centers in Building 151 (West) and Building 150 (East) were energy efficiency renovated in cooperation with NOVENCO Building & Industry. Each control centre consists of three identical chambers each with a volume flow of 300,000 m³/h, thus in total the outdoor air volume flow is 1,800,000 m³/h. The air is filtered and heated in the units and led to the downstream air handling units by means of large fans.


  • Fan replacement with high-efficiency speed-controlled ZerAx® axial fans
  • Fan connection to ducts for dynamic pressure recovery
  • Enlargement of the intake and area to reduce pressure drop
  • Duct Connections ensure independent fan operation and a significant increase in redundancy
  • Reduction of number of silencer baffles, due to quieter ZerAx® fans


Even in modern plants, the high dynamic fan pressure is unused and the kinetic energy of the air-flow is lost. This is neither economical nor environmentally friendly in view of the enormous challenges posed by the climate protection targets. With modern fans, the total pressure and thus the total energy of the air-flow is utilized. As a result, system efficiencies of up to 85% are achievable.
NOVENCO Building & Industry is your partner in achievement of your climate protection goals at a reasonable cost.


The use of the ZerAx® fan with state-of-the-art components in combination with advanced system concepts proves the huge potential for reduction of the ecological footprint in ventilation systems. In the Frankfurt Airport project, fewer kWh are consumed, fewer raw materials are used and less CO2 is emitted in comparition with the old ventilation solution. NOVENCO ZerAx axial fans, with their 92% efficiency, 98% recyclability rate and 20+ years of lifetime, are a long-term, environmentally friendly and efficient solution for a greener future.

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