Experimentarium, world-class science centre simulates gale-force winds with ZerAx® fans

For more than 20 years the old Experimentarium - a science centre in Hellerup - helped millions of curious children and adults to explore the world through science and technology. 8 million happy customers later, the old Experimentarium was fully explored and it was decided to discover a new one - a science centre in absolute world class. The new Experimentarium opened its doors for visitors in a new and spectacular architecture, located in Hellerup, Denmark.

Creators of the new centre believe that knowledge is better remembered, if the visitors experience it with their senses. That is why, everything in the Experimentarium can be felt, touched and experienced in innovative new ways. The new science centre shows phenomena from all possible corners of science and technology: giant soap bubbles, immersive lights and sounds, fascinating visions, surprising innovations - all captured in one place.


Thousands of experiments are made every day, but when it came to choice of ventilation, the Experimentarium preferred not to experiment and chose the best ventilation available on the market. That is why Novenco Building & Industry (NBI) was awarded the contract for design and delivery of a unique fan array with its renowned ZerAx® fans for one of the exhibitions - The Port, funded primarily by A.P. Møller Fonden.

On 500 m2 of the Port exhibition, the visitors learn about global trade, shipping and oil extraction and production, but more importantly, they can try themselves to simulate global goods transportation and navigate a large ship. In a wind tunnel, where the ZerAx® fan array is installed, visitors can watch a 2½ minutes video on a wall of how the sea looks in different wind conditions. The setting is the bridge of a container ship far out in the North Atlantic. They can also feel the power of a storm on their bodies  when the ZerAx® fans simulate the strong winds at sea. An unforgettable experience for both children and adults. Read more about this and other exhibitions on www.experimentarium.dk


To create a simulation of the storm on the North Atlantic, in the Experimentarium’s Port exhibition, NBI designed and supplied 2 pcs ZerAx® AZL 900/350 axial flow fans built in a custom made fan array. During a 2,5 minute long session the fan array blows at various strengths with gale-force winds from 4 to 10 on the Beaufort Scale, which corresponds to 25 m/s or 90 km/h. In this way, the visitors can feel storm forces on their bodies. The wind force of 25 m/s was a maximum limit the creators of the Port exhibition and NBI designers agreed on for safety reasons.

The creators of the exhibition had no doubt in choosing the renowned ZerAx® fans. The fans are best in class with efficiencies up to 92%, very low noise levels and fit perfectly in the new world science centre. Now the ZerAx® fan array causes excitement and  brings a smile to thousands of visitor’s faces.

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