Complete car park ventilation system for an underground car park to the city of dreams


A peaceful and fully integrated community in a modern lifestyle. That is what the Madinaty is. This city of international standards in Egypt is a result of well-designed and detailed master plan of a collaborative effort between three top U.S. design companies:
HHCP, SWA and Sasaki.
The Madinaty is a city built on 8 thousand feddans, designed to provide modern life for 600,000 inhabitants and acts as a modern extension to New Cairo. This city includes a variety of facilities and services including healthcare facilities, national and international education facilities, banks district, shopping mall, sport clubs and all this just minutes away from home.


Alexandria Construction Company (ACC) and Talaat Mustafa Group (TMG) in a close cooperation with Energia Egypt awarded NOVENCO Building & Industry the contract for the system design, equipment delivery, commissioning and system approval of an underground car park of a modern shopping mall in Madinaty.
When choosing of the equipment for this top modern shopping mall's car park, it was no coincidence that the choice fell on the most efficient and innovative car park fan in the world - the NOVENCO® ZerAx® AZT jet fan. This compact, reliable and silent fan provides key benefits such as cost reduction, space saving, optimal induction and easy installation in combination with low energy and sound levels.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all products could not, as planned, be inspected by ACC and TMG at NOVENCO's production facilities. However, the products were attested by SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.
The construction on site is ongoing and the equipment has been delivered safely.
Inspection work has been done by a local consultant company and now the equipment is ready to be installed by Energia Egypt's sub-contractor.
We cannot wait to commission the complete NOVENCO car park ventilation system and show this prestigious project to all Egyptians.


For the efficient and reliable ventilation of Madinaty's huge underground car park facility, NOVENCO Building & Industry supplied 80 pcs energy efficient and space-saving ZerAx® jet fans type AZT-450.
Furthermore, for fresh air, 13 pcs highly efficient ZerAx® AZN 1250 are installed in combination with 34 pcs high temperature NovAxTM ACN-1250 Ff300(120) for ventilation and smoke exhaust in case of a fire.
As a system integrator, NOVENCO installed 6 control panels and in total more than 200 CO detectors for smart control of this unique ventilation system, including complete testing and commissioning.

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