Esplanade, car parks for future home of the Royal Bank of Canada

Jersey Island, the largest and fastest growing of the Channel Islands, has in recent years become known as a centre for alternative asset classes, including hedge, real estate and private equity funds. Located in a prime position within the heart of St Helier’s financial district in Jersey, Esplanade 66, 37 and 27, over a length of 250 m from each other, constructed of the highest quality materials, provide high grade office accommodation at Esplanade Gateway. The new Esplanade Quarter on St Helier’s waterfront
is a landmark in this financial district.

Esplanade 66 may be best known as being the future home of the Royal Bank of Canada, with its area of 165,000 sq ft providing the largest exclusive business environment. Esplanade 37 comprises a total of 83,000 sq ft of Grade “A” office space over 7 floors with up to 33 car park spaces within the basement area and a roof terrace on the top floor. Esplanade 27 provides 70,000 sq ft of luxury office space over 7 floors with an underground car park.


For each of those grand and luxurious office buildings, Novenco Building & Industry supplied and installed a smoke clearance system with jet fans for the car park area. Novenco Building & Industry were also engaged to do the detailed design and installation of the natural automatic ventilation (AOV) system, mechanical AOV systems – Clear Choice Systems and Atrium ventilation systems.


Novenco Building & Industry initial engagement was to design, supply and commission the smoke ventilation systems for Esplanade 37. In the underground car park a NovAx ACN extract fan set was installed in combination with our AUO jet fans. A natural smoke ventilation system was supplied for the Atriums and 2 pcs mechanical smoke ventilation systems, using Novenco’s Clear Choice system, were provided for the fire fighting lobbies.

For the Esplanade 66, Novenco Building & Industry provided a semi-natural mechanical dilution system, consisting of AUT and ART 400 jet fans. A natural smoke ventilation system to the atriums was also provided.

At Esplanade 27, a smoke clearance system consisting of 2 pcs NovAx ACN extract fans, and 1 pc AUO 380 jet fan was supplied, and Novenco’s Clear Choice system was chosen for the two fire fighting shafts in the building. Each system is provided with smoke extract fans, and has motorised dampers on every level. Pressure differential sensors ensure that the lobbies are not over depressurised.

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