Danish TV Station

Energy saving and reliable operation at Danish TV Station

The Danish tv station serves the public with around the clock news. NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S was contacted by the tv station when a fan in one of their technical rooms broke down. The fan supplies fresh air to the news office where people work all hours of the day to provide news to the public.

Due to the fact that the editorial department broadcasts 24/7, it was of the utmost importance that the new fan was fitted into an existing installation to minimize installation time and noise. The fan was installed during the night and caused a minimum of disturbance to the news team at work.


NOVENCO Building & Industry exchanged the old fan with a state of the art axial flow fan type ZerAx® 1250/560, which is from a product line with efficiencies of more than 90% and very low noise levels. Special about this case were the customer’s requirements, which called for the design of a custom piece of duct work to fit the new and shorter fan directly into the existing installation.

The ZerAx® fan not only offers the tv station energy savings, it also spares the environment of 14 tons CO2 per year. The energy savings amount to almost 27,000 kWh/year.


The ZerAx® fan has a total effect of 43 kW and an airflow capacity of 34.6 m³/s.

Impeller diameter: 1250 mm
Hub diameter: 560 mm
Number of blades: 6
Weight: 584 kg
Air volume: 34.6 m³/s
Total pressure: 978 Pa
Efficiency: 85%
Total effect: 43 kW
100% efficiency: 4,000 h/year
Energy at 100%: 172,000 kWh/year
Energy savings: 26.800 kWh/year

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