Pressure differential systems

Up to 1998 the highest building in the world was the Sears Tower in Chicago, with a height of 442 meters. From 1998 to 2004 it was the Petronas Twin Tower in Kuala Lumpur. From 2004 to 2010 the Taipei 101 reaching a height of almost 510 meters and since 2010 the Burj Khalifa in Dubai with a stunning height of 828 meters.

Fires in high-rise buildings are a major threat. In 2017 the fire in the 24-storey residential Grenfell Tower in London caused 72 deaths and a lot of injuries. The fire spread very quickly and the residents of the apartments were trapped in a smoke clogged building.

With the ever-increasing height of buildings, the requirements for reliable life safety systems becomes higher and higher. A key requirement in the life safety regulations is to ensure the safe escape and evacuation of people. Most fire related deaths are caused by the inhalation of smoke and toxic gases produced by the fire and not directly by the fire itself. Therefore the most significant threat is the highly toxic smoke, which is a lethal cocktail made up of a complex mix of suspended particles and highly toxic gases.

For this purpose NOVENCO® introduces the ClearChoice™ Pressure Differential Systems (PDS) as a solution for creating smoke free escape routes, that allow people to escape from buildings and tunnels and aid the firefighting services by preventing smoke spread through seams and cracks of physical barriers such as doors or other similar restricted openings. The field of application differs for a variety of buildings and tunnels, where there is a need to protect means of escape such as stairwells, corridors, escape tunnels, lobbies, as well as for providing smoke free approach for the firefighting services.


Pressure differential systems

NOVENCO ClearChoice Pressure Differential Systems

With the ClearChoice Pressure Differential System (PDS), NOVENCO offers an active, modular system, suitable for any building structure. It allows full flexibility to accommodate all customer specific requirements, such as a combination with daily ventilation. With a ClearChoice Active PDS, the sizes of shafts and smoke control dampers can be significantly reduced compared to passive systems based on pressure relief dampers, resulting in more useable building space and lower initial costs. For higher buildings, the system has a high adaptability to changing weather conditions, and the resulting effects such as the stack effect in high-rise buildings.

The NOVENCO ClearChoice PDS is designed based on years of experience in smoke control ventilation systems and fans and all kits have been developed and tested in our in house test facility. The NOVENCO fan ranges offer the highest efficiency, durability and reliability as EN 12101-3 certified smoke fans. All ZerAx® HT fans are certified as variable speed smoke exhaust fans, suitable for pressure differential systems. As a part of the SCHAKO group, we have a full range of system components manufactured in house, from fans to dampers, attenuators, grilles and control systems.

The ClearChoice Fast Response System ensures the correct air volume and pressure within the shortest times possible in accordance with the latest standards for pressure differential systems. The complete software package is developed in house, with a focus on reliability and fail-safe operation of the systems, with complete configuration and adjustments for easy commissioning through a touch panel. In combination with the ClearChoice Interface units, special configurations are possible, such as integration of daily ventilation, rain and wind sensors, and more.

NOVENCO specialists for pressure differential systems can assist in the system design and specifications. From component delivery to full turn-key systems, including service and maintenance, NOVENCO is your dedicated partner for reliable pressure differential systems, tailored to your needs. 

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