Axial Flow Fans ZerAx AZN-AZW

The ZerAx AZN are unidirectional axial flow fans for conventional and industrial use.

Optionally the ZerAx AZN fans are available as smoke fans. The ZerAx AZN smoke exhaust fans are for conventional operation and operation during fires in carparks, commercial and industrial buildings, tunnels and more. The design is tested and approved to meet requirements for smoke exhaust.

The ZerAx AZW are extra durable unidirectional axial flow fans for marine use. The main characteristic is the very strong 10 mm thick fan casing, which is an expressed requirement from the marine industry and which makes the AZW suited for rough conditions.

Product facts


  • For duct installation
  • Sizes
     19 sizes with impeller diameters from Ø250 to Ø2000 mm
    AZW: 13 sizes with impeller diameters from Ø500 to Ø2000 mm
  • Hubs sizes
    Ø160, Ø350 or Ø560 mm
    AZW: Ø350 or Ø560 mm
  • Fan casing thicknesses
    AZN: 2 or 4 mm
    AZW: 10 mm
  • Airflow rates
    • 0.1 to 125 m3/s
    • 360 to 450.000 m3/h
  • Pressures up to 3400 Pa
  • Efficiencies up to 92%
  • Adjustable blade angles
  • Reversible for shorter periods
  • Fan casing materials
    for light motors: pre-coated sheet metal with AZ185 or ZM310 coating according to EN10346:2015
    for heavy motors: hot-dip galvanised steel
  • Corrosion categories according EN-ISO 12944-2:2017
    Standard: C3
    Optional: C4 or C5
  • Impeller, guide vanes and motor mount of aluminium
  • Accessories for mounting, connection, sound attenuation, safety and regulation
  • Optional: execution as ATEX / EX fans
  • Optional (AZW): in accordance to marine classifications
  • Product configuration with AirBox™
  • ZerAx fans are designed for optimal operation with variable speed-controlled frequency converters (VSDs)
  • Also available as type ZerAx® AZL for free inlet in for example air handling units (AHU) or retrofitting
  • Part of fan range available as Standard Range fans

Work areas


The curves cover fans with frequency drives and variable blade angles.


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