Dual Smoke Fan Sets ZerAx AZN

The Dual Smoke Fan Sets ZerAx® HT smoke exhaust fans are pre-assembled units with two certified ZerAx AZN smoke fans in series for horizontal mounting. The high performance, dual smoke fan sets are designed for operation in duty-standby or dual-duty configuration for (smoke) ventilation operation in all types of buildings. The units are tested and approved for smoke exhaust operation in combination with frequency converters to allow for the systems to be accurately balanced during commissioning.
ZerAx fans have smaller form factors than other fans, resulting in smaller fans for comparable airflows and pressures. Therefore, operational cost and space requirements can be reduced.

Product facts


  • For duct installation with Eurovent 1/2 flange connection on both sides.
  • Tested and certified to BS EN 12101-3 in combination with variable speed drives.
  • 4 predefined sizes with impeller diameters from Ø630 to Ø900 mm.
  • Supplied as a single, pre-assembled unit for horizontal mounting.
  • Significantly reduced site installation times.
  • Airflow rates
    • 1 to 11,5 m3/s
    • 3.600 to 41.500 m3/h
  • Pressures up to 780 Pa in duty-standby operation.
  • Pressures up to 1.800 Pa in dual-duty operation.
  • Fan efficiencies well above 80%
  • F300 certified according EN 12101 part 3 in combination with variable speed drive (VSD). Tested 300°C / 120min.
  • Energy-efficient, asynchronous IE3 smoke motors, suitable for 3-phase, 400V/50Hz supply voltage.
  • Designed and certified for operation with variable speed drives (frequency inverter).
  • Corrosion categories according EN-ISO 12944-2:2017:
    Standard: C3
    Optional: C4 or C5
  • Impeller and internal guide vanes of aluminium.
  • Accessories for mounting, connection, sound attenuation, safety and regulation.
  • Also available as single smoke fan type ZerAx® AZN HT for duct connection or ZerAx® AZL HT for free inlet.

Work areas


The curves cover duty-standby dual smoke fan sets with frequency converters, suitable for 300°C/120min.

The fan performance curves are based on duty-standby operation of the dual fan smoke sets with a ducted outlet. Installing these fan smoke sets with a free outlet (arrangement C) causes additional loss of dynamic pressure in the fan outlet. By fitting a diffuser on the outlet, some of this dynamic pressure loss is recovered as static pressure. To compensate for the different outlet configurations, the below correction factors (Cf) can be used.


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