Jet Fans AUT-ART

Basic car park jet fans in a unidirectional (AUT) and fully reversible (ART) version. The installation height is 422 mm.

These compact and robust jet fans have been developed especially for the use in car parks. The jet fans have been designed for an optimal capacity, long life span and very reliable operation.

The jet fan consists of a round fan casing with an inlet cone on both sides to minimize the inlet losses. The fan has been constructed with guide vanes for an optimal aerodynamic efficiency. On both sides internal wire guards are mounted. With a special internal deflector the air stream flows in the desired direction. On the reversible version internal deflectors are mounted on both sides of the fan. As standard, the jet fans are equipped with mounting feet for direct mounting to the ceiling or wall.

The impeller consists of a NovAx hub in which special casted aluminium impeller blades have been mounted at a pre-determined pitch angle. The impeller is coupled directly onto the motor shaft. All NovAx fans are statically and dynamically balanced in accordance with VDI 2060, ISO 1940 Class Q 6.3.

The motor is two-speed 3x400V, 50Hz or 3x380V, 60Hz for direct start. Motor protection min. IP55 in accordance with IEC 34-5. Insulation class F or H depending on temperature protection. The jet fans have external terminal boxes.

As standard, all jet fans are delivered in a galvanized execution. A powder coating in any desired color is available as an option. In the standard execution the jet fans meet the requirements for operation in unheated, low corrosive environments according to DS/EN ISO 12944-2, corrosion category C3.

The standard operating temperature is from -20 to +40°C. Jet fans for hot smoke removal are certified according to the EN 12101 part 3 in the classes F200/F300/F400.


  • All F300 fans have been tested at 300°C / 120 min
  • Class F400 is only available for 50Hz


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