Axial Flow Fans ZerAx AZL-AZN Standard Ranges

The ZerAx AZL and AZN Standard Range fans for standard temperatures are unidirectional fans for conventional and industrial use.

Product facts


  • For temperatures between -20 and +50 °C
  • For duct (AZL and AZN) and bracket (AZL) installation
  • 187 (AZL) and 24 (AZN) predefined combinations of fan and hub sizes, airflows and pressures
  • Impeller diameters
    AZL: Ø250 to Ø1000 mm
    AZN: Ø250 to Ø900 mm
  • Airflow rates (optimum)
    AZL: 0.75 to 19.6 m3/s -> 2,700 to 70,500 m3/h
    AZN: 0.83 to 11.9 m3/s -> 3,000 to 42,800 m3/h
  • Total pressures (optimum)
    AZL: up to 2400 Pa
    AZN: up to 1400 Pa
  • Fan efficiencies at optimum up to 91%
  • Air-over motors (cooling)
  • Fan casing materials
    for light motors: pre-coated sheet metal with AZ185 or ZM310 coating according to EN10346:2015
    for heavy motors: hot-dip galvanised steel
  • Corrosion category C3 according EN-ISO 12944-2:2017
  • Impeller blades and hubs of aluminium
  • Accessories for mounting, connection, sound attenuation, safety and regulation
  • Product configuration with AirBox™

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