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The demand for faster connections grows with the need for better uptimes, which together increase the carbon emissions of data centres worldwide. The search for more efficient solutions in the field of data centres cooling has long time since become a constant challenge.
The cooling energy consumption can take up to 50% of the total consumption of data centre facilities due to inefficient cooling systems. Reductions in cooling system use mean drastic reductions in data centre power consumption and services, which lower the energy and maintenance costs for facility owners, and thereby ensure long life of servers and other equipment.
The NOVENCO ZerAx® axial flow fans match the requirements for efficient cooling perfectly as they are true next generation energy-savers with efficiencies up to 92%, low sound levels and product lifetimes of 20+ years.

Data Centre Cooling

NOVENCO data centre solutions

With all in-house processes covering design, research, development and manufacturing, NOVENCO Building & Industry has the ability to meet each application. We provide the best possible solutions for all kinds and sizes of data centres, with primary focus on medium to large-sized data centres. We take great pride in being able to guarantee high quality products and systems that deliver top performance for many years. Quality is a key word from the beginning to the end of our design process. In order to ensure our products meet bespoke requests, the processes are continually assessed to ensure they meet the design requirements. We allocate the necessary time and resources to ensure that our new designs are correct and verified.

NOVENCO Building & Industry provides long lifetime cooling ventilation solutions for data centres, based on ZerAx® axial flow fans. The high efficiencies of the fans are incomparable to any other fans on the market. The solutions remove heat from the data centres by ventilating or cooling combined with dehumidification, and eliminate the effects of condensation. With ZerAx® product lifetimes of 20+ years, efficiencies up to 92% and low sound levels, the NOVENCO’s solutions for data centres are probably the world’s most profitable and quietest solutions.


Data center coolingData centres

NOVENCO’S ZerAx® fans

NOVENCO Building & Industry has a wide range of ZerAx® axial flow fans for use in different applications within a data centre.
Our fans are world leading when it comes to durability, efficiency and sound levels. The Total Cost of Ownerships (TCO) of 20+ years, unmatched fan efficiencies up to 92% and low sound levels, makes NOVENCO’s fans probably the most profitable and the quietest in the world. The long lifetimes and the high performance of our fans secure long maintenance intervals and low service cost.

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Optimise the advantage of convenience climate condition

The quality of the air that cools data halls and centres is among the most important parameters to consider in the design of these massive structures. A well thought-over regional location to facilitate free cooling calls for equally well worked out specifications to achieve precise control of temperature, humidity and airflow, which is crucial for the operability and economy of the centres. Sensitive and huge amounts of servers that operate even just a fraction off the optimum can quickly suffer and advance planned replacement.

ZerAx® is the answer

The ventilation and efficiency aspirations of even the best constructions and the most leak-proof designs cannot be better than the key components that drive the systems – the fans. Good, reliable and efficient fans make all the difference and together with the high requirements for controllable air quality, the field of suitable fans quickly narrows in. The NOVENCO ZerAx® axial flow fans with energy-efficient EC+ motors are such suitable fans and have since the introduction in 2009 been far ahead of the competition. A lead that, with fan efficiencies up to 92%, still holds.
The design and performance of the ZerAx® is efficient in every detail and gives designers and constructors optimal freedom. The form factor of the fans makes them suitable as free-blowing or as duct fans. The low total cost of ownership or TCO of employing ZerAx® fans is world-leading with top-of-class fan efficiencies, low sound levels and lifetimes of 20+ years.


NOVENCO strong references

The ZerAx® fans are already installed in the biggest data centres in the Europe and the USA where they keep servers cool, save energy and protect the environment.


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