Safe underwater parking with jet fans

A new underwater car park has been established in the center of Copenhagen right next to the Queens palace and close to the popular Nyhavn where millions of tourists visit every year. The car park holds accommodates 500 cars and is built in 3 levels. All levels are placed below street and water level making it one of the most unique underground car parks in Copenhagen.

NOVENCO Building & Industry has delivered and installed a high tech ventilation solution that will keep the air in car park clean, despite the many cars passing through every day. The system includes 2 ACN 1400 extraction fans (F300) and 24 AUO 380 unidirectional jet fans (F300). 36 sensors are placed strategically between the North and South part of the car park. The sensors detect any change in the level of CO/NOx and CH and the highly developed control system will adjust the ventilation immediately if levels reach critical point. This is to keep the air clean and safe from exhaust particles from the cars.

The 24 Jet Fans and the high technology operating system installed in the car park also provides extra safety after a fire. After a fire the fans can be used to clean the air free of smoke and lead the smoke out of the building.
The NOVENCO AUO Jet Fan has been specially designed for car parks. With its slim and oval design it fits perfectly under the ceilings in typical car parks where space and efficiency plays an important role when designing and construction the buildings.

Read more about the project here www.kvaesthusprojektet.dk
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