NOVENCO fans meet the environmental requirements of tomorrow, today.

Yesterday, the Danish Energy Agency (Danish: Energistyrelsen) published their Climate Status 2021.

The agency announces that by 2030, Denmark will have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 55% based on the current political decision set leaving us 15% short of the official target of 70%.

The missing 15% of the climate target are actually at hand, if we invest in existing technologies enabling us to become carbon-neutral in a significantly more cost-effective and at a higher pace than solely focus on, for example, renewable energy.

Today, up to 40%, of the total energy consumption relates to our buildings and a significant part is used for ventilation. The improvement of energy efficiency within ventilation is an obvious target for concerted efforts to bring down energy consumption and carbon emissions.

The fan solutions from NOVENCO Building & Industry, fit perfectly into the increasingly important field of energy renovation of existing buildings. When replacing old fans, we typically see reductions in energy consumption of up to 55% - making our solutions one of the most efficient in the world. The solutions use high-tech frequency drives that run the motors at variable speeds, which enables intelligent building ventilation, further energy savings and improved system efficiency.

The fans and solutions are in addition designed and produced with recyclability in mind, and up to 98% of, for example, the NOVENCO® ZerAx® fans can be recycled after the extremely long product lifetimes of 20+ years. As both the ZerAx fans and the high-tech frequency drives are technologies that have been improved and refined over time, they are proven and meet the highest emission and efficiency targets. Replacement of legacy fans and technologies also reduce heat and noise generation, as newer and more efficient fans generate less heat and have much lower sound levels.

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