Weighbridge House

Weighbridge House, the highest safety at the former Southampton Hotel

Projects that change the landscape of the Jersey Island with new buildings springing up and old ones being given a new look, give new life to the island. The redeveloped former Southampton Hotel in St. Helier was unveiled to near-universal praise after it had spent months under the cover of scaffolding and hoardings at the Weighbridge Place. Now named Weighbridge House, the completely renovated building contains 17,000 sq ft of space with ground floor and basement area designed as bar and restaurant, and four floors of modern commercial offices above.

The renovation of the Southampton Hotel restored its former glory. Islanders welcomed the return of the property, which is a familiar sight in photos of Liberation Day, where it forms part of the backdrop to one of the Island’s most memorable moments.


NOVENCO Building & Industry designed and provided its unique stairwell pressurisation system, nowadays an unusual system for the United Kingdom. This system creates a positive pressure within the escape stairs in the building and conforms with BS-EN-12101-6. The purpose of this system is to create an airflow over the open doors preventing smoke from entering the stairs.


NOVENCO Building & Industry worked closely with the project team to design the pressurisation system in line with the EN12101-6 as a Class C system. The maximum flow rate of the system was calculated on the basis of maintaining 10 Pa pressure within  the stairwell when a single leaf door is in the fully open position.

A fan set with NovAx axial flow fans type ACN 710/330-10, with diverse air inlet routes was placed on the roof. A separate air release shaft with dampers was installed within the lobbies to provide an air release route to the roof and a Novenco TMS-unit for termination of the shaft.

Due to the height of the building a part of the make up air is provided at a high level in the stairwell, and another part further down the stairs through a supply shaft with a supply grill.

The system was succesfully commissioned and handed over by NOVENCO Building & Industry, who also is engaged to complete the annual maintenance visits.

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