International Finance Centre

International Finance Centre, safe car parks in the heart of Jersey

Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands, known as a leading offshore financial services centre. The island is constantly developing in order to create a vibrant and dynamic new business environment, focusing on opportunities to stimulate the island’s economy by giving businesses space to grow.

The International Finance Centre (IFC Jersey), a complex of 6 buildings in all, is designed by an award-winning team of architects and landscape designers to ensure a world-class business hub, providing environmentally sustainable Grade “A” office spaces. The first phase of IFC Jersey, Building 1 will create 67,000 sq ft of brand new, highest quality office spaces for new and expanding businesses. As part of this investment in Jersey’s future, it has been decided that more than half of the total development area will be handed back to the community as new green environments and landscaped areas for residents to enjoy.


Novenco Building & Industry designed and installed a car park ventilation system with Jet Fans for the underground parking of Building 1. A custom made frame mount was designed and built to hold the extract fans. The frame was built from galvanized steel and installed on the roof. The whole construction was preassembled before it was shipped to the site. 

Special hooks were located on the top of the frame, to allow for attachment of lifting equipment when placing the construction at the designated location. The construction was placed on the roof due to lack of space within the underground car park.


For the car park ventilation system Novenco Building & Industry had to achieve 10 ACH (air changes per hour) due to insufficient openings. Therefore, a fully mechanical smoke clearance system, using 3 pcs CGF 500 Jet Fans, were installed to help move the CO2 within the car park. The Jet Fans push the contaminated air or smoke towards the extraction point. Here a ductwork directs it to the roof, where a purpose built frame mount is installed with 2 pcs car park extract fans ACN 560/280.

These extract fans were equipped with 4 pcs ducted splitter-silencers on the inlet and outlet sides of the fans to help keep low noise levels. 4 pcs of CO2 sensors were also provided for automatic control of the jet fans. 

All equipment is controlled with Novenco’s Motor Control Panel, which handles all operations of the mechanical car park ventilation system. Annual maintenance of the Novenco car park safety system will be carried out by Novenco Building & Industry. This is due to the system being a life safety system and to ensure it runs correctly.

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