EC+ Concept

EC+ Concept - new partnership to optimise AHU systems

Today’s high cost of energy as well as the increasing level of environmental awareness and political measures, spiral the search for modern and more efficient solutions in the field of energy saving.
Danfoss and NOVENCO have joined forces to offer the market’s most efficient system solutions comprising fans, motors and frequency drives (VFDs) for AHUs and other ventilation applications.

Precisely conceived to increase the efficiency of HVAC systems, the EC+ concept facilitates design of topmost efficient AHUs and offers to boost energy efficiency of existing systems radically.

The concept prescribes components for optimum system design - the ZerAx® series of high efficiency fans, high efficiency IE4 or IE5 PM motors and the intelligent and high efficiency Danfoss VFDs. The combined system has the potential to deliver efficiencies in the range of 80 - 85%, which is 15 - 25 percentage points better than the closest alternative solutions such as direct-driven centrifugal plug fans with EC motors.


The concept builds on the idea of optimisation of the components that have the greatest effect on the overall system efficiency. In this context, the most efficient technologies are prescribed in the form of PM motors, Danfoss VFDs and the ZerAx® fans.

The combined system efficiency results from the following equation:

Efficiencyfan x Efficiencymotor x Efficiencydrive = Efficiencysystem

With motor and frequency drive efficiencies both reaching above 95%, the ZerAx® efficiency of 92% brings the overall system efficiency to an impressing 85%.

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