Data Center

ZerAx® fans make data center cool

A location for this Data Center in Northern Scandinavia close to the Arctic circle, has been chosen because of the possibility of using natural cooling for this enormous facility. This server facility is expected to be as large as 13 football fields, with an  estimated power usage of 120 GW, corresponding to the power use of about 16.000 households. 

The facility will have substantially lower energy consumption as well as lower set-up and operational costs in comparison to other modern data centres, and it will be one of the world’s most energy efficient facilities.


In this project the ZerAx® fans are a key stone ensuring significant reduction of the energy consumption and saving the environment for 365 tons of CO2 each year. Moreover, the noise level at only 84 dB makes this Data Center the quietest data center in the world.

NOVENCO Building & Industry delivers a complete, automated solution, including supervision and installation. The automatic solution is based on the thoroughly tested system that is used in Novenco’s Car Park System. The system has fully automatic  standalone control for each ZerAx® “fan wall”, with network connection to all the other machines in the system, enabling general control and monitoring but also intelligent exchange of operational status so that other systems can take over in case of errors with an individual system. The system is built with the latest PLC system with a colour touch screen, as well as a fully duplicated frequency transformer set-up as backup.


52 fan walls with fans are delivered complete with automatic start-up. Each wall consists of a specially designed frame that contains 9 ZerAx® AZN 710 fans. The total number of fans is 468. ZerAx® type AZN 710 has an efficiency of 89% and is delivered with highly effective motors. Total air volume is 1.200 m³/s for normal operation, and up to 1.300 m³/s at peak (= 4.320.000 – 4.680.000 m³/h).


ZerAx® AZN 1250 fans with mounting feet and acoustic diffuser, as well as a frequency transformer. The total number of fans is 56. ZerAx® type AZN 1250 has an efficiency of 88% and is delivered with highly effective motors. Total air volume 1.300 m³/s (= 4.680.000 m³/h).

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