Diffusers YAD YAZ

The diffusers type YAD-YAZ are for removing noise, smoothing inlet air and delivering uniform airflows with NovAx and ZerAx fans in comfort and industrial installations. The YAD has a round connection profile, a conical shape and a core. The YAZ design has an octagonal connection profile, a conical shape and no core as standard. A version with core is also available.

Product facts


  • For mounting directly on fan
  • YAD: 14 sizes with external diameters from Ø250 to Ø1600 mm and
    seven core sizes from Ø160 to Ø578 mm
  • YAZ: Two sizes with external diameters of either Ø1800 or Ø2000 mm without cores
  • Temperature range from -40 to +120 °C
  • Robust design
  • Outer casing - hot-dip galvanised sheet steel for YAD and
    AluZink for YAZ
  • Connection profile – round for YAD and octagonal for YAZ
  • Executions
    YAD: with core
    YAZ: without core
  • Corrosion category C3
  • Optional: Acid-resistant executions


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