Edwin Gnanapragasam

NOVENCO trainee receives top grade for final project in mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Denmark

NOVENCO is happy to announce, that our R&D-trainee and final project-writing graduate Edwin Gnanapragasam recently passed his exam with the grade 12 for his assignment on redesign and optimisation of a NOVENCO fan solution. Edwin is now a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark.
"During my practice period in the R&D department at NOVENCO in the spring of 2019, I got a really good insight in the everyday work of mechanical engineers. Christian Colstrup, R&D development manager, my supervisor and mentor, assigned me many different and interesting tasks, which allowed me to work on a par with all engineers in the department. I learned a lot academically, but also how important social relationships are when solving tasks as a team. As a trainee, I felt like a true part of NOVENCO. After the end of my traineeship, it was therefore natural for me to ask NOVENCO as the place to write my final project.” - says Edwin and adds “As I look back, I would like to thank the company for the fantastic dedication and interest in my project. I got a lot of support from the R&D department and has enjoyed being able to try out my ideas. Of equally great value, and from which I benefited, were the discussions with the technicians in the production regarding the productional issues of the parts I designed in my project.”
Congratulations to Edwin from all of NOVENCO! Very well done!


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